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Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 2019[sunting sumber]

Hasil penghitungan suara dalam POTY 2019 telah diumumkan dan File:Mud Cow Racing - Pacu Jawi - West Sumatra, Indonesia.jpg telah terpilih sebagai "Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 2019"! c:Commons:Picture_of_the_Year/2019/Results. Diki Ananta Bicara 1 Mei 2020 23.47 (UTC)

Checking files[sunting sumber]


Per wmf:Resolution:Licensing_policy all files must meet either 1 or 2 below:

  1. Be under a Free Content License.
  2. Be used under an Exemption Doctrine Policy (EDP) (fair-use).

If the files do not meet these requirements then they must be deleted.

According to Istimewa:Statistik there are 60,174 files and I see 10,718 free files (Kategori:Semua media bebas) and 35,169 Non-free files (Kategori:Semua media nonbebas). So there are almost 14,300 files missing.

Since all files without a vilid license should be deleted within 7 then it seems to me as id.wikipedia violate the Wikimedia Foundation resolution.

I would like to help change that! Is there a local user that I can work together with checking files?

I have a few suggestions too.

When I click upload I end up here: Istimewa:Pengunggahan. I think I should see this text instead MediaWiki:Uploadtext.

All free files should be uploaded to Commons. Then they can be used in other Wiki-projects too and you do not have to check them. As written above it does seem like do not have enough active users to make sure that does not violate the resolution. So make sure to have as many as possible uploading files to Commons instead.

Also you should update MediaWiki:Licenses. The latest version of creative commons is not 3.0 but 4.0. And GFDL is a bad license so it should no longer be possible to use. Instead of {{DU-Sendiri}} you should use Creative Commons 0 (Zero) (Commons:Template:Cc-zero). And the last 5 licenses mentioned under "Berhak cipta:" should perhaps be removed. If the files are not licensed free then they are only allowed if they can be used as fair use.

Anyway that is just the start. I hope someone is ready for some teamwork :-) --MGA73 (bicara) 5 Mei 2020 17.45 (UTC)

As a follow up I have located most of the "missing" 14,300 files. About 10,000 are now added to either free files or non-free files. Still there are aboout 4,400 files left on the list. It is a lot to check one by one so we need a lot of help or anautomated way to do it. --MGA73 (bicara) 9 Mei 2020 16.45 (UTC)
It turns out that because some files have a double information template then the license template does not show up. The result is that when we look at the file it looks like there is no license at the file so the file show up on my list. I'm running my bot now to try to fix that. I will make a new list later. --MGA73 (bicara) 9 Mei 2020 20.34 (UTC)
I updated the list and 100 files was removed. Still a long way to go :-) --MGA73 (bicara) 9 Mei 2020 22.38 (UTC)
@MGA73 starting today I'm running bot (User:HsfBot) on wmflabs to check old file on this wiki. It still using old summary and template from (with 7 days notice). But I wish it can tracking that missing file to Kategori:Penghapusan cepat (deletion). File that already on commons can be track from Pengguna:HsfBot/Berkas/Laporan, but this log will stop updating if contain too many file and exceding page size. My priority now is tracking file that absolutely doesn't have any license.--Hidayatsrf (bicara) 10 Mei 2020 00.19 (UTC)
But, my bot need many time to track all file, because this bot will stop and need start over again when found broken file (page with no media/image). --Hidayatsrf (bicara) 10 Mei 2020 00.44 (UTC)
Hidayatsrf Yes it is not easy to run a bot when there are many bad files messing with the script. So I try to locate the bad files to make things easier.
Often Special:UncategorizedFiles is a good place for admins to look for files. If the file is located on Commons and there is just a local text then the page should usually just be deleted. I think that will help your bot!
A few days ago I made this list of files on Commons (more than 600). If you update your list often then I think the best is to use that. We just need admins to check it and delete files on the list often!
Many of the 4300 files on my list is meant to be fair use. The simple solution is just to add a "fair use" template. --MGA73 (bicara) 10 Mei 2020 08.46 (UTC)
MGA73 Okay, thanks for making this list of file on commons. it is very useful and better than log made by HsfBot. Yeah, I've checking that list of 4000+ files. It mainly contain files with {{dari}} template (usualy fairuse image from enwiki without local license) mixing with some files that may violates copyright without any source or license. --Hidayatsrf (bicara) 10 Mei 2020 11.51 (UTC)
Hidayatsrf Perhaps if admins look at Special:UnusedFiles and delete all the files that is not needed. Then we do not have to worry about checking licenses for those files.
Yes many with {{dari}} are fair use. Perhaps you can find a way to check with the bot what license the files have there? --MGA73 (bicara) 10 Mei 2020 12.40 (UTC)
It seems that some of the files now on Commons are copied from but the transfer was bad. Information is missing and the license is not the same as it is here. And even worse some files are internet files that I doubt are licensed freely. So I think we have to check all files copied to Commons one by one. Also some user uploaded so many bad files that I think it is best to delete all their uploads. --MGA73 (bicara) 10 Mei 2020 22.02 (UTC)
I checked a lot of files and I think most errors are corrected now. --MGA73 (bicara) 12 Mei 2020 17.06 (UTC)
Hidayatsrf I see your bot have been working. Did you manage to delete all empty file pages or should I go look for them? --MGA73 (bicara) 12 Mei 2020 17.06 (UTC)
Hidayatsrf Many of the files on new list is probably also "bad". Can your bot work on that list? --MGA73 (bicara) 12 Mei 2020 18.43 (UTC)
I made a new list (3750 files) that should include all files. I put a license on logos, posters and covers with my bot. Not the best permanent solution but it works for now. --MGA73 (bicara) 12 Mei 2020 20.31 (UTC)
MGA73 Okay, it seems good, today I'm using bot to add {{NowCommons}} using Pengguna:HsfBot/NowCommons based on 600 list you've made, this file now can be tracked from Kategori:Berkas_Wikipedia_di_Wikimedia_Commons. Hope it helps --Hidayatsrf (bicara) 14 Mei 2020 03.10 (UTC)

Commons[sunting sumber]

Speaking of uploading files to Commons... On Commons:Commons:Village_pump#Commons:Wikimedia_OTRS_release_generator_needs_more_translations there is a request for help to translate a text in to other languages. Translating the most central pages makes it easier for users to work on Commons in their local language. So if anyone have 1 hr. to spare there is a chance to make it easier for those who want to ask or give permission to use photos under a free license.

If you have more time to spare you could also check out Commons:Commons:OTRS/id. --MGA73 (bicara) 5 Mei 2020 18.04 (UTC)

I've translated all and contacted Kaldari on his talk page to move the translation out of my subpage (User:Lord Yeager/Relgentextid.js) and it's done. -- Lord Yeager (bicara) 6 Mei 2020 14.06 (UTC)

Hibah Paket Internet dan Hibah Buku[sunting sumber]

Halo Kawan Wiki!

Hibah untuk sukarelawan proyek-proyek Wikimedia di Indonesia dibuka hingga 10 Mei! Hibah terbagi menjadi 2: Hibah Paket Internet dan Hibah Buku.

Kawan Wiki yang tertarik silakan membaca syarat dan ketentuan pada masing-masing tautan di bawah. Apabila Kawan Wiki merasa memenuhi syarat dan mampu melaksanakan ketentuannya, silakan coba mengajukan hibah ini.

Hibah Paket Internet[sunting sumber]

Hibah Buku[sunting sumber]

  • Periode pengajuan: 1-10 Mei 2020
  • Tautan: Hibah Buku

Selamat mencoba! :) Cahyo R (WMID) (bicara) 9 Mei 2020 09.04 (UTC)

IRC Webchat[sunting sumber]

Permisi Admin atau sysop wpid, melihat kanal wpid yang terbengkalai, saya kira akan lebih baik bila terus dirawat, apakah saya boleh meminta akses ke kanal tersebut. Terimakasih 😊

Syman51 12 Mei 2020 00.50 (UTC)

@Bonaditya: Trusted user in channel. Syman51 15 Mei 2020 17.51 (UTC)

Information on file pages[sunting sumber]


I have been cleaning out information templates with my bot. For example this edit: edit that removed double template

But there are a few more things I think should be made:

  1. There should be an information template on all files Berkas:(7) Cibadak.JPG has none.
  2. There should be headings on all file pages. On Berkas:(7) Cibadak.JPG the headings say Ringkasan and Jenis lisensi. On Berkas:ZathuraPoster.jpg there are international headings. Does that look okay when you look at it? When I look I see the text Summary and Licensing. The headings should not be inside the information template like on Berkas:Dhalia.jpg.
  3. There should be a standard place for licenses. Sometimes it is in the information template like on Berkas:Dhalia.jpg and sometimes it is after the information template. I think it should be outside like on Berkas:ZathuraPoster.jpg
  4. Standard text should be removed from files like this Berkas:Prasasti di gapura masjid kauman.jpg. For example it says Sumber (sumber). If the field was blank like on Berkas:Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.jpg it would say Sumber Tidak memiliki informasi sumber. Silakan sunting berkas ini dan berikan sumber berkas.
  5. Then there are minor layout questions that does not affect how the page looks but I think it is easier for users if things are set up nicely and it is also easier to use bots when things are standardized. Examples below.

Here are some ways headings could look like:

== Ringkasan ==
== Ringkasan: ==
== Summary ==
== {{int:filedesc}} ==

I made the examples and the differences are spaces, : and language.

Here are some ways text in {{information}} couuld look like:

| source         =
|Source         =
 |source         =

|source         =
|source         =

I also made these examples and the differences are spaces, s vs S and if the standard there is a blank line before the |source or not.

Also a use of template like

|source         = |date           = |location       = 


|source         = 
|date           = 
|location       = 

In most cases each have a line of its own but in a few cases they all stand in one long text.

Personally I do not have strong feelings if the standard should be 1 or 2

| source         =
|source         =

On Templat:Information/doc there is a blank between | and the text (1) but I think that in most file pages there are no blanks (2).

So my suggestion is this:

== {{int:filedesc}} ==
|description    = 
|source         = 
|date           = 
|author         = 
|permission     = 
|other_versions = 

== {{int:license-header}} ==
{{Some license}}

So let me know if you have any thoughts about it before I make more changes on file pages.

(That said I think that it would be best not to use the information template on non-free files but that will have to be another project.)

You are also welcome to move to another place if you think it is in the wrong place. --MGA73 (bicara) 13 Mei 2020 09.51 (UTC)

I fixed all free files as good as I could for now. If you find anything that should be fixed you can either fix it or give me a tip. --MGA73 (bicara) 19 Mei 2020 16.53 (UTC)

Konten kiriman user dari[sunting sumber]

Belakangan ini ketika mencari sumber untuk artikel saya sering memperoleh hasil dari artikel di situs namun artikel yang muncul tertulis sebagai "Konten kiriman user". Setelah saya telusuri sejenak, konten tersebut ditulis oleh masyarakat umum yang dapat membuat akun di Kumparan yang akan diverifikasi, seperti apa (apakah KTP/NPWP dsb.) saya tidak tahu). Saya juga tidak tahu apa redaksi kumparan melakukan verifikasi terhadap artikel, dan apakah artikel akan bebas dari opini. Saya berpikir artikel semacam itu mungkin dapat serupa dengan artikel di situs Mojok yang cenderung opini sehingga tidak bisa digunakan untuk sumber artikel di Wikipedia. RXerself (bicara) 16 Mei 2020 01.50 (UTC)

Agaknya bisa dirinci jadi 2 pokok pikiran, Kak. Dalam arti, manakala ianya adalah satu opini belaka yang memang kurang menjelaskan nilai keilmiahan, ya saya kira dapatlah kita golongkan ia pada tulisan yang biasa kadang ditulis org d blog. Namun, kalau ia punya nilai ilmiah, sprt seorang akademisi menulis di surat² kabar besar yang berasal dari Jakarra, saya kira ia masihlah dapat untuk dijadikan kutipan referensi. --AMA Ptk (bicara) 16 Mei 2020 03.15 (UTC)
Beda sih. Yang dibutuhkan dari adanya redaksi dan editor seperti pada jurnal, surat kabar, dll. itu peer-review sejawatnya. Ahli kalau menulis di kolom opini juga kurang baik kalau tidak di-review lalu dijadikan sumber. Sebenernya saya juga gak apa-apa kalau artikel-artikel yang dilabeli "konten kiriman user" di Kumparan telah melalui proses peer-review dari redaksi Kumparan, tetapi dari penelusuran di situs Kumparan sendiri saya belum menemukan bukti kalau artikel-artikel tersebut telah di-review lebih dulu. RXerself (bicara) 17 Mei 2020 00.50 (UTC)
Kalau mau berdiskusi lebih lanjut terkait keandalan/reliabilitas suatu sumber, gunakan Wikipedia:Sumber tepercaya/Papan diskusi karena halaman tersebut lebih cocok membahas tentang hal ini. -- Lord Yeager (bicara) 16 Mei 2020 05.01 (UTC)
Untuk berita dari Kumparan, saya kira berita yang dilabeli "Konten Redaksi Kumparan" dapat dijadikan sumber, sementara "Konten Kiriman Pengguna" tidak dapat dijadikan sumber karena ditulis oleh siapa saja alih-alih karyawan Kumparan sendiri. Hanamanteo Halaman pembicaraan saya 21 Mei 2020 00.07 (UTC)

Periksa[sunting sumber]

Tolong periksa artikel ini lagi. --Nicholas Michael Halim (bicara) 21 Mei 2020 14.20 (UTC)

Wikipedia Arab Mesir[sunting sumber]

Saya lihat disini, Wikipedia bahasa Arab Mesir rupanya sudah menyalip Wikipedia bahasa Norwegia dan WBI. Ada yang tau kenapa ? --Glorious Engine (bicara) 23 Mei 2020 08.15 (UTC)

Kalau saya lihat, saat ini sedang ada pembuatan artikel secara masif untuk artikel biografi berbagai topik, mulai dari pekerja seni hingga politikus. arz:Special:NewPages memperlihatkan daftarnya. Bung GE bisa saja membuat rintisan serupa, selama diberikan kategori dan templat stub yang relevan jika memang masih rintisan. Albertus Aditya (bicara) 23 Mei 2020 08.23 (UTC)
Cukup mengejutkan. Namun, tadi saya lihat di recent changes-nya hanya terlihat 1-2 penyunting saja, didominasi oleh Al-Dandoon. 23 Mei 2020 08.30 (UTC)