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Indonesian Wiktionary

Sadly, the Indonesian wiktionary has fallen to a stand still. There are a number pages with vandalism, commercial advertisement etc, to be deleted, but no one to do it: all admins have left. Could any of you help? Jcwf (bicara) 14:03, 7 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Hmmm I didn't know there's an Indonesian Wiktionary project :| --za (bicara) 15:41, 9 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Hi J, I think Indonesian wiktionary project have one admin for all? borgx? yes/ no? about fallen still, yes, it needed to have extra push, unfortunately wiktionary still a bit confusing to me (on usability part) *shrug* Serenity (bicara) 17:10, 22 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Hai meu'ah beh, kiban ilee tabri komentar hinoe? newbie nyoe, hehehe... lon dukung sit wikipedia Aceh, siap menjadi kontributor...