Walt Disney Pictures

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Walt Disney Pictures
Jenis Anak Perusahaan
Industri/jasa Film
Didirikan Burbank, California, Amerika Serikat (1929) sebagai Walt Disney Productions
Kantor pusat Burbank, California,  Amerika Serikat
Tokoh penting Walt Disney, Roy Oliver Disney
Pemilik The Walt Disney Company
Induk Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group
Situs web www.disneypictures.com

Walt Disney Pictures adalah studio film yang berbasis di Amerika Serikat. Studio ini adalah salah satu divisi The Walt Disney Company di bawah Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group. Walt Disney Pictures dikenal sebagai studio film yang mempertahankan citra sebagai studio yang memproduksi film untuk keluarga dengan peringkat G dan PG pada sistem penilaian film MPAA. Satu-satunya film yang di luar itu adalah Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) yang mendapat peringkat PG-13.

Studio ini berdiri sendiri sebagai sebuah divisi The Walt Disney Company sejak 1983. Sebelumnya, film-film dirilis dari perusahaan induk Walt Disney Productions. Walt Disney Pictures sendiri terdiri dari Walt Disney Feature Animation dan DisneyToon Studios.

Latar Belakang[sunting | sunting sumber]

Pendahulu dari studio ini (dan sebagai pendahulu dari The Walt Disney Company secara keseluruhan) adalah Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Sebuah studio yang dirintis oleh pembuat film Walt Disney dan mitra bisnis sekaligus saudaranya, Roy, pada tahun 1923.

Pembuatan dari Mickey Mouse (Miki Tikus) lalu disusul oleh sejumlah film pendek dan pembuatan cinderamata menghasikan keuntungan untuk studio yang kemudian beralih nama menjadi The Walt Disney Hyperion Studio pada tahun 1926. Pada tahun 1929, studio ini kembali beralih nama menjadi Walt Disney Productions. Kesuksesan dari studio ini berlajut di periode 1930, di mana pada tahun 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Putri Salju dan Tujuh Kurcaci) meraup sukses besar. Dengan keuntungan dari film Putri Salju, Walt memindahkan lokasi studio ke Burbank, California.

Perusahaan membagi produksi film ke dalam dua unit studio; satu untuk animasi dan satu lagi untuk aksi langsung. Divisi yang disebutkan terakhir memulai proses produksi film aksi langsung pada 1950 dengan perilisan Treasure Island. Pada tahun 1953, perusahaan ini mengakhiri perjanjian dengan sejumlah distributor pihak ketiga seperti RKO Radio Pictures dan United Artist dan membuat perusahaan distribusi mereka sendiri; Buena Vista Distribution. Pada tahun 1983, Walt Disney Productions beralih nama menjadi The Walt Disney Company, di mana studio film aksi langsung beralih nama menjadi Walt Disney Pictures kemudian studio animasi menjadi Walt Disney Feature Animation.

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Daftar film[sunting | sunting sumber]

Logo lama Walt Disney Pictures (1985-2006)


Warna Kategori
Hijau True Life Adventures
Kuning Animated features
Merah Both animated features and live action
Biru Documentary

1930an[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Film Kerjasama oleh
1937 Academy Award Review of Walt Disney Cartoons
1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs RKO


1940an[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Film Kerjasama oleh
1940 Pinocchio RKO
1940 Fantasia DISNEY
1941 The Reluctant Dragon RKO
1941 Dumbo RKO
1942 Bambi RKO
1943 Saludos Amigos RKO
1943 Victory Through Air Power UA
1945 The Three Caballeros RKO
1946 Make Mine Music RKO
1946 Song of the South RKO
1947 Fun and Fancy Free RKO
1948 Melody Time RKO
1949 So Dear to My Heart RKO
1949 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad RKO


1950an[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Film Kerjasama oleh
1950 Cinderella RKO
1950 Treasure Island RKO
1951 Alice in Wonderland RKO
1952 The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men RKO
1953 Peter Pan RKO
1953 Winnie the Pooh RKO
1953 The Sword and the Rose RKO
1953 The Living Desert
1954 Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue RKO
1954 The Vanishing Prairie
1954 20,000 Leagues under the Sea
1955 Lady and the Tramp
1955 The African Lion
1955 The Littlest Outlaw
1955 Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
1956 The Great Locomotive Chase
1956 Davy Crockett and the River Pirates
1956 Westward Ho, the Wagons!
1957 Johnny Tremain
1957 Perri
1957 Old Yeller
1958 The Light in the Forest
1958 White Wilderness
1958 Tonka
1959 Sleeping Beauty
1959 Darby O'Gill and the Little People
1959 The Shaggy Dog
1959 Jungle Cat
1959 Third Man on the Mountain


1960an[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Film Kerjasama oleh
1960 Pollyanna
1960 Toby Tyler
1960 Kidnapped
1960 The Sign of Zorro
1960 Ten Who Dared
1960 Swiss Family Robinson
1961 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
1961 The Parent Trap
1961 Nikki, Wild Dog of the North
1961 Babes in Toyland
1961 The Absent-Minded Professor
1961 Greyfriars Bobby
1962 Bon Voyage!
1962 Big Red
1962 Almost Angels
1962 Moon Pilot
1962 The Legend of Lobo
1962 In Search of the Castaways
1962 Sammy the Way Out Seal
1963 Son of Flubber
1963 Summer Magic
1963 Miracle of the White Stallions
1963 Savage Sam
1963 The Sword in the Stone
1963 The Incredible Journey
1964 Mary Poppins
1964 The Misadventures of Merlin Jones
1964 A Tiger Walks
1964 The Three Lives of Thomasina
1964 The Moon-Spinners
1964 Emil and the Detectives
1965 That Darn Cat!
1965 Those Calloways
1965 The Monkey's Uncle
1966 Follow Me, Boys!
1966 The Ugly Dachshund
1966 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Movie (sekarang hak-hak yang dimiliki oleh Paramount Pictures) Bagdasarian Film Corporation dan Format Films
1966 Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N.
1967 The Jungle Book
1967 The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin
1967 The Gnome-Mobile
1967 The Happiest Millionaire
1967 Monkeys, Go Home!
1968 Blackbeard's Ghost
1968 The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit
1968 Never A Dull Moment
1968 The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band
1968 The Love Bug
1969 Rascal
1969 My Dog The Thief
1969 The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
1969 Doctor Syn, Alias the Scarecrow TV

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1970an[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Film Kerjasama oleh
1970 The Boatniks
1970 The Aristocats
1971 Bedknobs and Broomsticks
1971 The Barefoot Executive
1971 The Million Dollar Duck
1972 The Biscuit Eater
1972 Justin Morgan Had A Horse
1972 Napoleon and Samantha
1972 Now You See Him, Now You Don't
1973 Robin Hood
1973 Snowball Express
1973 Superdad
1973 The World's Greatest Athlete
1974 Herbie Rides Again
1974 Castaway Cowboy
1974 The Island at the Top of the World
1975 Escape to Witch Mountain
1975 The Apple Dumpling Gang
1975 One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing
1976 Freaky Friday
1976 Gus
1976 No Deposit, No Return
1976 The Shaggy D.A.
1977 The Rescuers
1977 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
1977 Pete's Dragon
1977 Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
1977 Candleshoe
1978 Hot Lead and Cold Feet
1978 Return from Witch Mountain
1978 The Cat From Outer Space
1979 Unidentified Flying Oddball
1979 The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again
1979 The Black Hole
1979 The North Avenue Irregulars

1980an[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Film Kerjasama oleh
1980 Herbie Goes Bananas
1980 The Last Flight of Noah's Ark
1980 Midnight Madness
1980 Popeye Paramount Pictures
1981 Condorman
1981 Dragonslayer Paramount Pictures
1981 Lost Island Paramount Pictures
1981 The Devil and Max Devlin
1981 The Fox and the Hound
1981 The Watcher in the Woods
1982 Tron
1983 Never Cry Wolf
1983 Trenchcoat
1983 Something Wicked This Way Comes
1985 One Magic Christmas
1985 The Black Cauldron
1985 Return to Oz
1985 The Journey Of Natty Gann Silver Screen Partners II
1986 Flight of the Navigator (20th Century Fox didistribusikan di luar negeri) Producers Sales Organization
1986 The Great Mouse Detective
1987 The Brave Little Toaster Hyperion Pictures and The Kushner-Locke Company
1987 Benji the Hunted
1988 Oliver & Company
1988 Return to Snowy River
1989 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
1989 Cheetah
1989 The Little Mermaid

1990an[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Film Kerjasama oleh
1990 DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp DisneyToon Studios
1990 The Rescuers Down Under Walt Disney Feature Animation
1991 White Fang
1991 Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
1991 Beauty and the Beast Walt Disney Feature Animation
1992 Newsies
1992 Honey, I Blew Up the Kid
1992 Aladdin Walt Disney Feature Animation
1992 The Mighty Ducks Avnet-Kerner Productions
1992 The Muppet Christmas Carol Jim Henson Productions
1993 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
1993 The Three Musketeers
1993 Cool Runnings
1993 A Far Off Place Amblin Entertainment
1993 The Adventures of Huck Finn
1993 Hocus Pocus
1994 Iron Will
1994 Blank Check
1994 D2: The Mighty Ducks Avnet-Kerner Productions
1994 White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf
1994 The Lion King Walt Disney Feature Animation
1994 Angels in the Outfield Caravan Pictures
1994 Squanto: A Warrior's Tale
1994 The Santa Clause Hollywood Pictures
1994 The Jungle Book
1995 Heavyweights Caravan Pictures
1995 Man of the House
1995 Tall Tale Caravan Pictures
1995 A Goofy Movie DisneyToon Studios
1995 Pocahontas Walt Disney Feature Animation
1995 Operation Dumbo Drop Polygram Filmed Entertainment
1995 A Kid in King Arthur's Court Trimark Pictures
1995 The Big Green Caravan Pictures
1995 Toy Story Pixar Animation Studios
1995 Tom and Huck Painted Fence Productions
1996 Muppet Treasure Island Jim Henson Productions
1996 First Kid Caravan Pictures
1996 Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
1996 D3: The Mighty Ducks Avnet-Kerner Productions
1996 James and the Giant Peach Allied Filmmakers
1996 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Walt Disney Feature Animation
1996 101 Dalmatians Great Oaks
1997 Jungle 2 Jungle TF1
1997 Hercules Walt Disney Feature Animation
1997 George of the Jungle Mandeville Films
1997 Air Bud
1997 Flubber Great Oaks
1997 Mr. Magoo
1997 That Darn Cat
1997 RocketMan Caravan Pictures
1998 Mulan Walt Disney Feature Animation
1998 A Bug's Life Pixar Animation Studios
1998 Meet the Deedles
1998 Mighty Joe Young RKO Pictures
1998 The Parent Trap
1998 I'll Be Home for Christmas
1999 My Favorite Martian
1999 The Straight Story FilmFour and StudioCanal
1999 Doug's 1st Movie Jumbo Pictures
1999 Tarzan Walt Disney Feature Animation
1999 Inspector Gadget Caravan Pictures and DiC Entertainment
1999 Toy Story 2 Pixar Animation Studios

2000an[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Film Kerjasama oleh
2000 The Tigger Movie DisneyToon Studios
2000 Dinosaur Walt Disney Feature Animation (as The Secret Lab)
2000 The Kid
2000 Remember the Titans Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2000 102 Dalmatians
2000 The Emperor's New Groove Walt Disney Feature Animation
2001 Recess: School's Out DisneyToon Studios
2001 Atlantis: The Lost Empire Walt Disney Feature Animation
2001 The Princess Diaries
2001 Max Keeble's Big Move
2001 Monsters, Inc. Pixar Animation Studios
2002 Snow Dogs Kerner
2002 Return to Never Land DisneyToon Studios
2002 The Rookie
2002 Lilo & Stitch Walt Disney Feature Animation
2002 The Country Bears
2002 Tuck Everlasting
2002 The Santa Clause 2
2002 Treasure Planet Walt Disney Feature Animation
2003 The Jungle Book 2 DisneyToon Studios
2003 Piglet's Big Movie DisneyToon Studios
2003 Ghosts of the Abyss I3D Walden Media
2003 Holes Walden Media
2003 Finding Nemo Pixar Animation Studios
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Jerry Bruckheimer films
2003 Freaky Friday
2003 The Lizzie McGuire Movie
2003 Brother Bear Walt Disney Feature Animation
2003 The Haunted Mansion
2004 Teacher's Pet DisneyToon Studios
2004 Miracle
2004 Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
2004 Home on the Range Walt Disney Feature Animation
2004 Sacred Planet
2004 America's Heart and Soul Blacklight Films
2004 Around the World in 80 Days Walden Media
2004 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
2004 The Incredibles Pixar Animation Studios
2004 National Treasure Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2005 Aliens of the Deep Walden Media
2005 Pooh's Heffalump Movie DisneyToon Studios
2005 The Pacifier Spyglass Entertainment
2005 Ice Princess
2005 Herbie: Fully Loaded
2005 Sky High
2005 The Greatest Game Ever Played
2005 Chicken Little Walt Disney Feature Animation
2005 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Walden Media
2006 Winnie the Pooh 20th Century Fox
Walt Disney Feature Animation
2006 Glory Road Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2006 Roving Mars
2006 Eight Below Spyglass Entertainment
2006 Bambi II F Walt Disney Feature Animation
2006 The Shaggy Dog
2006 The Wild C.O.R.E. Feature Animation
2006 Cars Pixar Animation Studios
2006 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2006 Invincible
2006 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause Boxing Cat Films
2007 Bridge to Terabithia Walden Media
2007 Meet The Robinsons 2D3D Walt Disney Animation Studios
2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2007 Ratatouille Pixar Animation Studios
2007 Underdog Spyglass Entertainment
Classic Media
2007 The Game Plan
2007 Enchanted
2007 National Treasure: Book of Secrets Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2008 Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert 3D
2008 College Road Trip Gunn Films
2008 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Walden Media
2008 WALL-E Pixar Animation Studios
2008 Beverly Hills Chihuahua
2008 Morning Light
2008 High School Musical 3: Senior Year Borden and Rosenbush Entertainment
2008 Roadside Romeo Yash Raj Films
2008 Bolt 2D3D Walt Disney Animation Studios
2008 Bedtime Stories Gunn Films
Happy Madison
2009 Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
2009 Winnie the Pooh 2 20th Century Fox
Walt Disney Animation Studios
2009 Race to Witch Mountain
2009 The Phineas And Ferb Movie
2009 Hannah Montana: The Movie co-production with It's a Laugh Productions and Millar Gough Ink
2009 Old Dogs
2009 Up [1] Pixar Animation Studios
2009 The Black Hole 2: in The Space co-production with Right Coast Productions
2009 G-Force co-production with Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2009 A Christmas Carol
2009 The Princess and the Frog [1] Walt Disney Animation Studios
2010 Alice in Wonderland [2]


  • 3D - format 3D
  • 2D3D - format 2D atau 3D
  • I3D - format 3D; khusus IMAX
  • F - khusus internasional.

Akan datang[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Film Kerjasama oleh
2010 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader co-production with Walden Media
2010 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time co-production with Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2010 Toy Story 3 [1] Pixar Animation Studios
2010 Rapunzel [1] Walt Disney Animation Studios
2011 National Treasure 3 co-production with Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2011 Cars 2 [1] Pixar Animation Studios
2011 The Bear and the Bow [1] Pixar Animation Studios
2012 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Fountain of Youth [2] co-production with Jerry Bruckheimer Films
2012 Newt [1] Pixar Animation Studios
2012 King of the Elves [1] Walt Disney Animation Studios
unannounced Jungle Cruise [3]
unannounced The Lone Ranger - (based on The Lone Ranger) [2] co-production with Jerry Bruckheimer Films

[sunting | sunting sumber]

Logo Walt Disney Pictures berupa bangunan istana di Disneyland. Logo lama berupa kastil Sleeping Beauty, tulisan Walt Disney Pictures, dan lingkaran busur.

Mulai tahun 2009, Disney logo asli dengan tiga dimensi film animasi Toy Story 3 mempunyai keluar istana Sleeping Beauty istana sementara busur atasnya. layar biru. teks tulisan 'Walt Disney Pictures' perubahan lebih.

Mulai tahun 2006, Disney memperkenalkan logo baru, yang dimulai dengan nyala bintang bersinar di langit malam. Tampilan kemudian kepala ke bawah apa yang muncul untuk menjadi sebuah kota dengan kapal layar dalam jarak dan persimpangan kereta uap sebuah jembatan diatas sebuah sungai, sebelum terbang lebih tinggi dari puncak menara kastil Cinderella, yang memiliki kembang api dan bendera putih dengan jambul Disney keluarga di dalamnya. Akhirnya ia stop di depan istana sementara busur atasnya, dan judul akan muncul di bagian bawah. Musik dalam logo ini adalah versi perubahan "When You Wish Upon a Star" dari Pinocchio. Logo dirombak tahun 2012 yaitu tulisan Walt Disney Pictures kini hanya bertuliskan Disney saja.

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