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Terjemahan pekan ini (bahasa Inggris: Translation of the week) adalah sebuah proyek sukarela lintas wiki yang dikoordinasikan di Meta-Wiki. Anda diharapkan membantu menerjemahkan artikel-artikel yang belum ada, sehingga akan membantu meningkatkan jumlah artikel sekaligus memperluas topik-topik yang belum ada di Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia.

Carrier[sunting sumber]

He start the carrier from the bellow, first he working as Call Center in one of biggest outsourching company in Indonesia. He never give up to get he dream, he rally hard worker and fast leaner. He lucky man, he get opportunity joint to Toshiba Home appliance Indonesia under PT. Topjaya Sarana Utama. He start the carrier from supervisor, he made more improvement that’s why Management look he have good performance then he getting improvement carrier. He working until Topjaya Sarana Utama close the operation. He have responsibilities to manage all operation regarding preparing closing company.

And now he working in PT. Newline Fintech Indonesia as Operation Director he have responsibility to making growth company throught pass all process selection legalcy by government regulation. Pararel he start to create company PT. Guloki Technology Indonesia with 2 others friend as company on financial ecosystem support.

Public Speaking[sunting sumber]

In addition to his role as a speaker at some fintech event, he active in Religion activities at young communities. because he knows he growth becuse community.