Liga Champions CONCACAF

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Liga Champions CONCACAF
CONCACAF CL logo.png
Didirikan1962 (Piala Champions)
2008 (Liga Champions)
WilayahAmerika Utara,
Amerika Tengah, Karibia
Jumlah tim24
Juara bertahanBendera Meksiko Monterrey (gelar ke-2)
Tim tersuksesBendera Meksiko Cruz Azul
Bendera Meksiko Club América
(5 gelar)
WebsiteLiga Champions CONCACAF
Liga Champions CONCACAF 2012–13

Liga Champions CONCACAF adalah kejuaraan klub sepak bola internasional tahunan untuk tim-tim di wilayah CONCACAF (Amerika Utara, Amerika Tengah, dan Karibia). Pemenang Liga Champions CONCACAF berhak mengikuti Piala Dunia Antarklub FIFA.

Sampai 2008, kompetisi level teratas untuk klub-klub di CONCACAF adalah Piala Champions CONCACAF. Turnamen dimainkan dalam berbagai format selama bertahun-tahun. Pada tahun 2008, CONCACAF mengumumkan perubahan dalam nama dan format, mengundang dua puluh empat tim untuk berpartisipasi dalam babak penyisihan, babak penyisihan grup, dan turnamen knockout yang disebut Liga Champions CONCACAF.

Between 2008-09 and 2011–12, the tournament was played as a twenty-four team tournament with a preliminary round, followed by a sixteen-team group stage (four groups of four), followed by an eight-team home-and-away single-elimination tournament. In early 2012, CONCACAF announced a new format for the 2012–2013 CONCACAF Champions' League. Under the new format, the preliminary round would be eliminated, and group play would consist of eight groups of three teams each, with each group winner advancing to the quarterfinals.

The title has been won by 27 different clubs, 11 of which have won the title more than once. The all-time record-holders are Cruz Azul and América, who have won the competition five times each. Mexico's Primera División is, by far, the most successful league, amassing 27 wins in the tournament. Until 2011, when Major League Soccer team Real Salt Lake reached the finals, each CONCACAF Champions League final had been an all-Mexican affair. The Mexican Primera División also holds the record for most appearances in the final of both the Champions Cup and Champions League as well as the highest number of winning clubs.

In the Champions' Cup era, the second most successful league has been Costa Rica's Primera División, while in the Champions League era, the second most successful league has been the United States and Canada's Major League Soccer.

Sejarah[sunting | sunting sumber]

Era Piala Champions (1962–2008)[sunting | sunting sumber]

Champions' Cup logo

The competition's former format, a knockout tournament called the Champions' Cup, was played under a variety of formats. The last format, used from 2004 to 2008, had eight teams competing – four from the North American zone (two from Mexico, two from the United States/Canada), three from the Central American zone, and one from the Caribbean zone. Since 2005, the champion of the competition also gained entry into the FIFA Club World Cup, giving clubs an added incentive for a strong participation and greater interest from fans. Also the Champions' Cup Runner-up would be one of the three CONCACAF invitees to the Copa Sudamericana.

Era Liga Champions (2008–sekarang)[sunting | sunting sumber]

The CONCACAF Executive Committee at their 2006 November meeting decided to "act upon" a proposal at their next meeting by the CONCACAF Secretariat to develop the CONCACAF Champions’ Cup into a larger "Champions League" style event. The CONCACAF Executive Committee reported on November 14, 2007 some of the details.[1] The previous Champions' Cup format was used as planned in the Spring of 2008. Then, a newly expanded Champions League tournament was conducted starting in August 2008 and concluding in May 2009. The setup involves 24 teams initially and features a Preliminary Round contested by some of the teams to reduce the field to 16 teams, which are separated into 4 groups of four teams.[1][2] After the Group Stage, the Championship Round are held from the Quarterfinal Round onward.

Qualifying[sunting | sunting sumber]

Format terbaru mengundang 24 tim untuk berpartisipasi.

Dari zona Amerika Utara:

4 klub dari Bendera Meksiko Meksiko
4 klub dari Bendera Amerika Serikat Amerika Serikat
1 klub dari Bendera Kanada Kanada

Dari zona Amerika Tengah:

2 klub dari Bendera Kosta Rika Kosta Rika
2 klub dari Bendera El Salvador El Salvador
2 klub dari Bendera Guatemala Guatemala
2 klub dari Bendera Honduras Honduras
2 klub dari Bendera Panama Panama
1 klub dari Bendera Nikaragua Nicaragua
1 klub dari Bendera Belize Belize

Dari zona Karibia:

3 klub, qualifying via the CFU Club Championship.[3]

The four teams qualifying from the United States are the two MLS Cup finalists, the winner of the MLS Supporters' Shield (awarded to the team with the best regular season record), and the winner of the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. Should the same team qualify multiple times and/or should a Canadian team occupy one or more of the MLS qualifying places, then the American MLS team(s) with the best regular season records not otherwise qualified will be entered.

The team qualifying from Canada is the winner of the Amway Canadian Championship.

Standar stadion[sunting | sunting sumber]

If a club fails to meet the standards for its home stadium, this club must find a suitable stadium in its own country. If said club fails to provide the adequate facilities, it will run the risk of being replaced.[4]

  • Central America: If one or more of the twelve Central American clubs is precluded, it will be supplanted by a club from the best Central American league, based on results from the current Champions League.
  • Caribbean: If any Caribbean club is precluded, it will be supplanted by the club who finished 4th in the CFU Club Championship.

Format[sunting | sunting sumber]

There will be a two-legged Preliminary Round for 16 clubs, with the eight winners advancing to the Group Stage. The other eight teams (two from the United States, two from Mexico, and one each from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras) will be seeded directly into the Group Stage. The winners of the Preliminary Round and the seeded clubs will play in the Group Stage in four groups of four, with each team playing the others in its group twice, both home and away. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the Championship Round, which will consist of home-and-away elimination. The Final Round, in late April, will also be two-legged, home-and-away. In contrast to the Champions' Cup, the away goals rule will be used in the Champions League, but will not apply after a tie has gone into extra time.

Finals[sunting | sunting sumber]

Champions League Era (2008–present)[sunting | sunting sumber]

Season Champions Aggregate
Runners-up Losing Semi-finalists
2008–09 Atlante Bendera Meksiko 2–0 Bendera Meksiko Cruz Azul Bendera Puerto Riko Puerto Rico Islanders
Bendera Meksiko Santos Laguna
Aggregate 2–0.
2009–10 Pachuca Bendera Meksiko 1–2 Bendera Meksiko Cruz Azul Bendera Meksiko Toluca
Bendera Meksiko UNAM
Aggregate 2–2, away goals 1–0.
2010–11 Monterrey Bendera Meksiko 2–2 Bendera Amerika Serikat Real Salt Lake Bendera Meksiko Cruz Azul
Bendera Kosta Rika Saprissa
Aggregate 3–2.
2011–12 Monterrey Bendera Meksiko 2–0 Bendera Meksiko Santos Laguna Bendera Kanada Toronto FC
Bendera Meksiko UNAM
Aggregate 3–2.
2012–13 Monterrey Bendera Meksiko 0–0 Bendera Meksiko Santos Laguna Bendera Amerika Serikat Los Angeles Galaxy
Bendera Amerika Serikat Seattle Sounders
Aggregate 4–2.
2013–14 Cruz Azul Bendera Meksiko 0–0 Bendera Meksiko Toluca Bendera Kosta Rika Alajuelense
Bendera Meksiko Tijuana
Aggregate 1–1,away goals 1–0.
2014–15 América Bendera Meksiko 1–1 Bendera Kanada Montreal Impact Bendera Kosta Rika Alajuelense
Bendera Kosta Rika Herediano
Aggregate 5–3
2015–16 América Bendera Meksiko 2–0 Bendera Meksiko UANL Bendera Meksiko Querétaro
Bendera Meksiko Santos Laguna
Aggregate 4–1.
2016–17 Pachuca Bendera Meksiko 1–1 Bendera Meksiko UANL Bendera Amerika Serikat FC Dallas
Bendera Kanada Vancouver Whitecaps FC
Aggregate 2–1.
2018 Guadalajara Bendera Meksiko 2–1 Bendera Kanada Toronto Bendera Meksiko América
Bendera Amerika Serikat New York Red Bulls
Aggregate 3–3, penalty shoot-out 4–2.
2019 Monterrey Bendera Meksiko 1–0 Bendera Meksiko UANL Bendera Meksiko Santos Laguna
Bendera Amerika Serikat Sporting Kansas City
Aggregate 2–1.

Records and statistics[sunting | sunting sumber]

Sepuluh klub terbaik[sunting | sunting sumber]

Nomor Tim Menang Runner-up Tahun Menang Tahun runner-up
1 Bendera Meksiko Cruz Azul 5 2 1969, 1970, 1971, 1996, 1997 2009, 2010
2 Bendera Meksiko América 5 0 1977, 1987, 1990, 1992, 2006
3 Bendera Meksiko Pachuca 4 0 2002, 2007, 2008, 2010
4 Bendera Kosta Rika Saprissa 3 2 1993, 1995, 2005 2004, 2008
5 Bendera Meksiko UNAM 3 1 1980, 1982, 1989 2005
6 Bendera Suriname Transvaal 2 3 1973, 1981 1974, 1975, 1986
Bendera Kosta Rika Alajuelense 2 3 1986, 2004 1971, 1992, 1999
8 Bendera Meksiko Toluca 2 2 1968, 2003 1998, 2006
Bendera Honduras Olimpia 2 2 1972, 1988 1985, 2000
Bendera Trinidad dan Tobago Defence Force 2 2 1978, 1985 1987, 1988
Bendera Meksiko Monterrey 2 0 2011, 2012

Sepuluh negara terbaik[sunting | sunting sumber]

Rank Nation Winner Runner-up Winners Runners-up
1  Mexico 28 13 Cruz Azul (5), América (5), Pachuca (4), UNAM (3), Toluca (2), Atlante (2), Monterrey (2), Guadalajara (1), Necaxa (1), Puebla (1), Universidad de Guadalajara (1), Español (1) Guadalajara (2), Cruz Azul (2), Deportivo Toluca (2), Monarcas Morelia (2), UNAM (1), Necaxa (1), Atlante (1), León (1), Santos (1)
2  Costa Rica 6 5 Saprissa (3), Alajuelense (2), Cartaginés (1) Alajuelense (3), Saprissa (2)
3  El Salvador 3 1 Alianza (1), Águila (1), FAS (1) Atlético Marte (1)
4  Suriname 2 8 Transvaal (2) Robinhood (5), Transvaal (3)
5  Guatemala 2 3 Municipal (1), Comunicaciones (1) Comunicaciones (2), Municipal (1)
 Honduras 2 3 Olimpia (2) Olimpia (2), Universidad (1)
 Trinidad and Tobago 2 3 Defence Force (2) Defence Force (2), Police FC (1)
8  United States 2 2 D.C. United (1), Los Angeles Galaxy (1) Los Angeles Galaxy (1), Real Salt Lake (1)
9  Haiti 2 0 Haïtien (1), Violette (1)
10  Cuba 0 2 Pinar del Río (2)
 Curaçao 0 2 Jong Colombia (2)

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Referensi[sunting | sunting sumber]

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