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Sedia gestatoria: Perbedaan antara revisi

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Besides the use of the Sedia Gestatoria at the coronation of the pope (which seems to date from the beginning of the sixteenth century) it served in the past on different other occasions, for instance when the pope received the yearly tribute of the [[Kingdom of Naples]] and of the other [[Fiefdom|fiefs]], and also, at least since the fifteenth century, when he carried the [[Host (Holy Communion)|Blessed Sacrament]] publicly, in which case the Sedia Gestatoria took a different form, a table being adjusted before the throne. [[Pope Pius X|Pius X]] made use of this on the occasion of the [[International Eucharistic Congress|Eucharistic Congress]] at Rome in 1905.
An antique portable throne can also be found in display atdi theMuseum Katedral [[LisbonLisboa]] Cathedral Museum along with a pairbersama ofsepasang [[Flabella]]. It is thought the privilege of the portable throne was granted by the Popes to the Cardinal Patriarchs of that city due to the financial support provided them by King [[John V of Portugal]].-->
Pada era 1800-an, [[Alessandro Raffaele Torlonia|Pangeran Alessandro Torlonia]] meminjam ''sedia gestatoria'' dari [[Paus Leo XIII|Sri Paus Leo XIII]] setiap hari Kamis untuk digunakan mengusung patung [[Santo Bambino dari Aracoeli]] menjumpai umat yang tidak dapat berkunjung ke Basilika [[Santa Maria in Aracoeli]] karena sakit.