Radio Philippines Network

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Radio Philippines Network
JenisBroadcast commercial and television network
DidirikanJuli 26, 1954
oleh Roberto Benedicto
SloganWomens Watch.
WilayahFilipina Philippines
PemilikPhilippine Government (30%)
Solar Entertainment Corporation (Solar TV Network) (99%)
Far East Managers and Investors Inc. (60%)
Private stock (7%)
IndukSolar Television Network
Tokoh penting
Wilson Tieng, Chairman
Robert Rivera, President and CEO
Tanggal luncur
Juli 26, 1961
Nama sebelumnya
Kalayaan Broadcasting System (1961-1975)
C/S9 (2008-2009)
Solar TV (November 28,2009-February 25, 2011)
ETC 9 (March 2, 2011-November 29, 2013)
Format gambar
NTSC 1080i (HDTV)
Situs resmi
Solar News

Radio Philippines Network, Inc. (juga dikenal sebagai Solar Television Network, Inc.) adalah jaringan radio dan televisi di Filipina. Saat ini dioperasikan untuk siaran televisi ETC.

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Branding Slogan Tahun Catatan
KBS Accucolor 9 1969–1971
KBS The Color Network 1971-1975
RPN Top Rater RPN 1975-1976
RPN The Solid One 1976-1977
RPN Still The One 1977–1979 Still The One a slogan of ABC era 70`s the RPN of assiociated TV Ronda 79.
RPN Still The One in '79 1979-1980
RPN The Leader 1980–1989
New Vision 9 The Future 1989–September 30, 1994
RPN The Network October 1, 1994–1996
RPN Your Friendly Network 1996–1997 Has a station ID slogan from RPN "Satelite Nationwide".
RPN Leading The Way 1997–1998
RPN Quality Primetime Television 1998–December 31, 1999
RPN Family TV! January 1, 2000 – 2001
RPN Your Kind of TV! 2001–2002
RPN World Class Primetime 2002–2003
RPN Moving Ahead 2003–March 10, 2007
RPN Prime Shift 2004–March 10, 2007
RPN Kasama Mo! Simple Ang Ligaya, Masarap Kasama! (Your Companion! Simple Fun, Comfortable to Enjoy!) March 11-July 15, 2007 Kasama Mo! a slogan of the radio stations RMN.The slogans enjoyning the DZXL 558 managements.
RPN Pare! July 16-December 31, 2007
C/S on RPN C/S First. C/S Free. January 1-October 3, 2008
C/S 9 Right Here, Right Now October 4, 2008-November 28, 2009 C/S 9 Quality Primetime,has a not avalible to SkyCable subscribes.
Solar TV It's A Bright New World November 29, 2009–October 30, 2010 Solar TV has begining of Tagalog family world.
RPN RPN 50 Years (1960–2010) June–December 2010 RPN anouncement: 50 Years of the Television is the network of Filipino satelite nationwide "kung saan lahat panalo".
Solar TV Kung Saan Lahat Panalo! (Where Everyone's a Winner!) October 31, 2010–February 25, 2011
ETC Entertainment on every side, style in every angle. March 2, 2011-May 29, 2011
ETC Young & Loving It! May 30, 2011 – November 29, 2013
Solar News Channel Inform. Inspire. December 1, 2013 - present Has Solar News Channel moved to SBN.Do not our network all channels from RPN and DWCP-TV 21

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