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PowerDirector (China: 威力導演) adalah perangkat lunak pengeditan video yang dikembangkan oleh CyberLink. PowerDirector berjalan pada Windows 7 hingga Windows 10, dengan versi 64-bit yang direkomendasikan.

CyberLink PowerDirector
Rilis perdana4 Juni 2014 (Android)
Januari 2005 (Komputer)
Rilis stabil
Sistem operasiWindows 10
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 7
Tersedia dalamBahasa Inggris, Bahasa Perancis, Bahasa Jerman, Bahasa Italia, Bahasa Spanyol (Eropa), Aksara Han sederhana , Aksara Han tradisional, Bahasa Jepang, Bahasa Korea, Bahasa Belanda, Bahasa Indonesia
JenisVideo editing software
LisensiProprietary commercial software
Situs webwww.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector-ultra/features_en_US.html

Edisi[sunting | sunting sumber]

PowerDirector memiliki 5 edisi ritel yang berbeda, termasuk Director Suite, Ultimate Suite, Ultimate, Ultra dan Deluxe (alias Standar di Jepang).

Riwayat Versi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Version Release Date Feature
4.0 2005/01
5.0 2005/11 Supports Creation of Widescreen High-Definition Movies and the Latest MPEG-4 Formats.
6.0 2007/03 Add 「DVD Menu Designer」, slideshow and extra video templates and supports
MPEG-2 HD WMV HD video format.
7.0 2008/05 The new web community with DirectorZone. Add Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD DVD authoring
and supports Dolby5.1 and 6 independent PiP tracks.[1]
8.0 2009/08 Brand new timeline interface.Add particle effects designer and direct uploading of HD videos to Facebook.
9.0 2010/11 New TrueVelocity rendering engine with native 64-bit OS support brings speed and efficiency to HD
video editing.
10.0 2011/10 Intuitive new software offers upgraded TrueVelocity rendering engine, 3D editing workflow
and support openCL. Customers have free access to more than 440,000 template for free on DirectorZone.
11.0 2012/09 Blazing Speed TrueVelocity® 3 Engine/supporting multi-GPGPU acceleration and openCL.
Support the latest 4K/2K standard and also the world's first to achieve AVCHD 2.0 certification for both
AVCHD 3D and Progressive formats. And ColorDirector,AudioDirector,PhotoDirector can work seamlessly
with PowerDirector for efficient round-trip editing and reduced production times.
12.0 2013/09 MultiCam Designer, Theme Designer and TrueVelocity™ 4 Editing Engine—cuts down
video editing time with 3-times faster video encoding using Intel AVX2 support.
13.0 2014/09 Introduces a suite of more than 100 dynamic design tools and effects that users can adapt
to their specific creative needs, including uniquely customizable transition, video and audio effects.
New XAVC S certification for the video from Sony devices.
14.0 2015/09 Action Camera Center, Motion Tracking, Express Projects, Screen Recording, ease-in/out for non-linear keyframe settings and new
supported formats such as
2K/4K, HEVC, FLAC and 120/240p HFR video.
15.0 2016/09 End-to-end 360 video editing with True360 technology: trim, add titles, effects and transitions.
16.0 2017/09 Intelligent Color Correction, Express Color Grading with LUTs, Video Collage Designer, Seamless 360° Titles and 360° Video Stabilization
17.0 2018/09 Round-trip editing support between applications, Complement entertaining video projects with stunning photo visuals, Simple point-of-use tutorials for quick guidance
18.0 2019/09 Shape Designer, Motion Graphics & Animated Titles, 1:1 Square Video, Nested Projects as Adjustable PiP Objects, Audio Scrubbing,
Reversible Timeline Track Order, 4K Video Editing Preview, Professional Format & Camera Support

Referensi[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. ^ DirectorZone is a site for users to find and download resources for their video projects on PowerDirector.

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