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    I'm confused about the line on Citrus reticulata in the right-side block: it currently associates it to jeruk keprok, but the page about jeruk keprok seems to refer to grapefruit. Citrus reticulata is not the grapefruit but the Mandarin orange, also known as mandarine and tangerine in English. Either this page or the jeruk keprok page is mistaken. My Tuttle mini-dictionnary English-Indonesian gives 2 translations for tangerine: jeruk garut and jeruk keprok. -- Bmaisonny (bicara) 11 Oktober 2014 09.09 (UTC)[balas]

    Thanks @Bmaisonny: for the correction. Yes I noticed it now. The real species name of jeruk keprok according to my sources is either Citrus reticulata or Citrus nobilis ( I'm going to edit the page and its interwiki in wikidata. -- Hysocc, Let's talk 11 Oktober 2014 11.37 (UTC)[balas]