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Move to Bahasa Suluk[sunting sumber]

Perhaps this article should be renamed Bahasa Suluk to avoid redundancy since, in the language:

  • tau means orang,
  • thus Tausūg means orang Suluk,
  • and so the current title translates as bahasa orang Suluk.

Even the native name of the language is bahasa Sūg, so renaming this article brings it more in line with that. What do you think? --Pare Mo (bicara) 6 Juli 2012 04.42 (UTC)

This issue have entered into Warung Kopi. -- Wagino 20100516 (bicara) 6 Juli 2012 05.01 (UTC)
Terima kasih. --Pare Mo (bicara) 6 Juli 2012 07.12 (UTC)
As a follow-up, Sūg is even the native name of both their home province, Sulu, and its capital, Joló (which is simply the Castilian rendition). --Pare Mo (bicara) 7 Juli 2012 16.10 (UTC)

There's already an article named Suku Suluk. I agree to move the article. Gombang (bicara) 7 Agustus 2012 11.59 (UTC)