Prince (penyanyi)

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Prince pada tahun 2009 di Paris, Prancis
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Nama lahirPrince Rogers Nelson
Nama lainJamie Starr
Alexander Nevermind
Joey Coco

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince
The Artist
Lahir(1958-06-07)7 Juni 1958
Minneapolis, Minnesota, Amerika Serikat
Meninggal21 April 2016(2016-04-21) (umur 57)
Chanhassen, Minnesota, Amerika Serikat
GenreFunk, R&B, rock, pop, New Wave, Minneapolis sound, synthpop
PekerjaanMusisi, multi-instrumentalist, komposer, penulis lagu, produser, penari, aktor
InstrumenVocals, guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, clavinet, drums, percussion, saxophone, harmonica, Linn Drum
Tahun aktif1976–2016
LabelWarner Bros., Paisley Park, NPG, EMI, Columbia, Arista
Artis terkaitThe Revolution; Wendy & Lisa
The New Power Generation
The Time; Morris Day
Sheila E.
Vanity 6; Apollonia 6
The Family
94 East

Prince Rogers Nelson (7 Juni 1958 – 21 April 2016) adalah seorang musikus dan aktor dari Amerika Serikat. Dia dikenali sebagai seorang yang menyanyi dengan falsetto dan jeritan bernada tinggi.

Pada tahun 1993, Prince mengubahkan namanya menjadi yang tidak bisa diucapkan. Orang lain sering memanggilnya TAKFAP (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince) atau The Artist.

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Official sites
  • NPG Music Club - Prince’s official site, featuring MP3s, videos, exclusive downloads, and more. This website was created on June 2000 and was abruptly shut down on July 3, 2006.
  • Paisley Park Studios Was opened in 1987 by Prince. This website was created on November 1999.
  • Love 4 One Another Now links to NPG Music Club—Prince’s official site. This webpage could be accessed in November 1999 through Paisley Park Studios. Originally (January 1998) Love 4 One Another said in its main webpage: “welcome to the playground of the new power generation: the definitive place of gathering 4 all who love life, love God, lovesexy…a place where music, poetry and positive vibes can be shared freely without fear of retribution and every page offers a new awakening…a collective conscience of unity, love and truth so great every human will want 2 join. This site is the beginning of a webwide effort 2 change the vibration of the world…love 4 one another, the ticket…life, the ride…dig if u will a venture inside.”
  • 1 800 NEW FUNK Diarsipkan 2003-04-05 di Wayback Machine. Also known as, now links to the NPG Retail Store Diarsipkan 2006-07-02 di Wayback Machine.. This webpage could be accessed in January 1998 through Love 4 One Another and in November 1999 through Paisley Park Studios. Originally an online store.
  • Now links to NPG Music Club—Prince’s official site, but originally (February 1998) it had other information. Mentioned by name in the song Emale from the album Emancipation.
  • Official 3121 site - Site for Prince's latest album, “3121.” This website was created on November 2005.
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