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I'm Bwood from Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu. Just noticed that the titled maybe wrongly spelled. Shouldn't it be "Bahasa Pemprograman"? I contributed mostly computer related articles translated from English WIkipedia. Bahasa Melayu page for this is Bahasa Pengaturcaraan. Cheers! Bwood 01:24, 18 Mac 2004 (UTC)

At first I also felt the correct sentence should be "Bahasa pemprograman" instead of Bahasa pemrograman because program is a foreign loanword and loanwords with initial voiceless consonant retain their forms, even after prenasalisation, e.g.: "penterjemahan", "pengkuburan" etc., whereas native Austronesian forms assimilate into the nasal. For example: "penabungan" (from "tabung"), "pemukulan" (from "pukul") etc. But there is an exception; the /c/ retains its form, e.g. "cuci"-> "pencucian" and not "penyucian", because the later is a derivative of "suci".

So anyway back to "pemrograman"; I checked the dictionary (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, 1997) and indeed, "pemrograman" is the correct form, as is "pemrosesan". At first I thought this is as consequence of the cluster "pr-". But then again we can also look at the following forms: "palsu" -> "pemalsuan", "parkir" (to park, from Dutch, parkeren) -> "pemarkiran".

On the other hand, the active verb forms out of these words are:

program -> memprogram
parkir -> memarkir


Well I hope, this would be sufficient, thank you and happy Wikipediing!

Meursault2004 08:55, 18 Mac 2004 (UTC)

Wow, thanks for that informations! In Malaysian standard Bahasa Melayu, words such as program, praktikal, (loan words) is usual retain in their original form when used as noun, or verb. Eg, memproses, mengepos. But in case of program, (in computer sense), the term aturcara is used to replace it.
note however that I am not a linguist or an expert in this field, so I maybe incorrect. But as far as computer term, I'm quite familiar with most of them.
Thanks for sharing the knowledge! A new knowledge gained in my part. :) -- Bwood 01:12, 19 Mac 2004 (UTC)