Pemberontakan Alpujarra (1568–71)

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Pemberontakan Alpujarras 1568–71, terkadang disebut Perang Alpujarras atau Pemberontakan Morisko, adalah pemberontakan kedua melawan Takhta Kastilia di kawasan pegunungan Alpujarra. Para pemberontak adalah Morisko, para keturunan Katolik dari Mudéjares (Muslim di bawah kekuasaan Kastilia) setelah pemberontakan Alpujarras (1499–1501).

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There are three well-known contemporary chroniclers, each of whom participated in the campaign of 1568-71:

  • MÁRMOL CARVAJAL, Luis del: Historia del [sic] Rebelión y Castigo de los Moriscos de Reino de Granada. Written shortly after the war but not published till 1600. Covers the whole campaign, though he personally did not observe it all and was not even present in the early stage (his role was that of managing supplies to the army). This huge book is best accessed in the equally monumental work by Javier CASTILLO FERNANDEZ: Entre Granada y el Magreb - Vida y obra de cronista Luis del Mármol Carvajal (1524-1600). University of Granada, 2016.
  • PÉRES DE HITA, Ginés: Guerras Civiles de Granada is less complete, first published in two parts, 1570 and 1595. Various recent editions are available in English.
  • HURTADO DE MENDOZA, Diego: Guerra de Granada, published posthumously in 1627. Available on Google Books.

Subsequent writings on the Morisco rebellions derive from these three primary sources, especially Mármol. Another contemporary work, much less well-known, is:

  • MONDÉJAR, Marqués de: Memorial. Addressed to Philip II, this must have been written soon after the first stage of the war, when the Marqués commanded the Spanish army, but it only appeared in 1878 in a French volume compiled by Alfred Morel-Fatio. Now an e-book from Open Library.

There is unfortunately no contemporary account of the war in the Alpujarras from the Moorish side.


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