Christopher Walken

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Christopher Walken
Walken in april 2009
LahirRonald Walken
Nama lainChris Walken, Ronnie Walken
Tahun aktif1952—sekarang
Suami/istriGeorgianne Walken (1969–sekarang)

Christopher Walken (lahir 31 Maret 1943) merupakan seorang aktor berkebangsaan Amerika Serikat yang memenangkan Academy Award sebagai aktor terbaik. Dia dilahirkan di Queens, New York. Dia berkarier di dunia film sejak tahun 1969.

Filmografi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Judul Sebagai Catatan Sutradara
1969 Me and My Brother Film debut
1971 The Anderson Tapes The Kid
1972 The Happiness Cage Pvt. James H. Reese
1975 Valley Forge The Hessian
1976 Next Stop, Greenwich Village Robert
1977 The Sentinel Det. Rizzo
Annie Hall Duane Hall Woody Allen
1978 Shoot the Sun Down Mr. Rainbow
The Deer Hunter Nikonar 'Nick' Chevotarevich Winner: Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Michael Cimino
1979 Last Embrace Eckart
1980 Heaven's Gate Nathan D. Champion Michael Cimino
1981 The Dogs of War Jamie Shannon
Pennies from Heaven Tom
1983 Who Am I This Time? Harry Nash
Brainstorm Dr. Michael Anthony Brace Douglas Trumbull
The Dead Zone Johnny Smith David Cronenberg
1985 A View to a Kill Max Zorin James Bond film John Glen
1986 At Close Range Brad Whitewood Sr.
1987 Deadline Don Stevens Nathaniel Gutman
1988 The Milagro Beanfield War Kyril Montana
Biloxi Blues Sgt. Toomey
Puss in Boots Puss
Homeboy Wesley Pendergass
1989 Communion Whitley Strieber
1990 The Comfort of Strangers Robert
King of New York Frank White
1991 McBain McBain
1992 Mistress Warren Zell
Batman Returns Max Shreck Tim Burton
Day of Atonement Pasco Meisner
All-American Murder P.J. Decker
1993 Scam Jack Shanks
True Romance Vincent Coccotti Tony Scott
Wayne's World 2 Bobby Cahn
1994 A Business Affair Vanni Corso
Pulp Fiction Captain Koons Quentin Tarantino
1995 The Funeral Ray Tempio
Nick of Time Mr. Smith
The Prophecy Gabriel
The Addiction Peina
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead The Man with the Plan
Search and Destroy Kim Ulander
Wild Side Bruno Buckingham
1996 Last Man Standing Hickey
1997 Excess Baggage Raymond 'Ray' Perkins
Suicide Kings Carlo Bartolucci/Charlie Barret
Mousehunt Caeser, the Exterminator
1998 The Prophecy II Gabriel
Illuminata Bevalaqua
New Rose Hotel Fox
Trance Uncle Bill Ferriter
Antz Cutter
1999 Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman
Kiss Toledo Goodbye Max
Sarah Plain and Tall: Winter's End Jacob Witting
Vendetta James Houston
Blast from the Past Calvin Webber
2000 The Prophecy 3: The Ascent Gabriel
The Opportunists Victor 'Vic' Kelly
2001 Joe Dirt Clem
The Affair of the Necklace Count Cagliostro
America's Sweethearts Hal Weidmann
Scotland, Pa. Lieutenant McDuff
2002 Catch Me If You Can Frank Abagnale Sr. Nomination: Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Steven Spielberg
Plots with a View Frank Featherbed
Poolhall Junkies Mike
Julius Caesar Marcus Portius Cato
The Country Bears Reed Thimple
2003 Kangaroo Jack Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio
The Rundown Hatcher Peter Berg
Gigli Det. Stanley Jacobellis
2004 Envy J-Man
The Stepford Wives Mike Wellington Frank Oz
Around the Bend Turner Lair
Man on Fire Rayburn Tony Scott
2005 Wedding Crashers Mr. Cleary, Secretary of Treasury
Domino Mark Heiss Tony Scott
2006 Click Morty Co-Starred With Adam Sandler Frank Coraci
Man of the Year Jack Menkan Barry Levinson
2007 Hairspray Wilbur Turnblad
Balls of Fury Feng
Romance and Cigarettes Cousin Bo
2008 Citizen Brando Joe
Five Dollars A Day
2009 The Dirt Ozzy Osbourne

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Didahului oleh:
Jason Robards
untuk film Julia
Aktor Pendukung Terbaik (Oscar)
untuk film The Deer Hunter
Diteruskan oleh:
Melvyn Douglas
untuk film Being There

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