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[lihat] [sunting] [riwayat] [hapus singgahan] Ikon dokumentasi Dokumentasi templat

Usage[sunting sumber]

This template applies custom styling (better typefaces and/or typefaces that support uncommon scripts and/or bigger size text) to scripts (writing systems), identified by their ISO 15924 code. It takes two unnamed parameters: the ISO code, and the text to transform. Currently, the following codes are supported:

See also[sunting sumber]

  • {{Lang}} for identifying text as belonging to a language and script, etc. (beyond the scope of this template)
  • {{IPA}} to style text for IPA notation
  • {{ISO 15924 script codes and Unicode}} for a list of ISO 15924 codes with their names and other details

Template Data[sunting sumber]

Ini adalah dokumentasi TemplateData untuk templat yang menggunakan penyuntingan visual.


Marks some text as in a different script according to ISO 15924 script codes

Parameter templat

Script code1 script

ISO 15924 script code for the script used

Hang (hangul), Latn (Latin), Hant (traditional Chinese characters)
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Text2 text

The text in the script demacrated

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