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C: Per WP:LEAD, jangan gunakan templat ini pada bagian pembuka untuk kata-kata bahasa Inggris yang banyak digunakan (seperti pub, rose, pencil, bus, Monday, Earth, dll.).

This template is used to display English International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The pronunciation is broken into individual diaphonemes so that they will have tooltips (mouse-over text) to indicate pronunciation. All diaphonemes from IPA for English are available. For anything outside that set, a different template should be used.

The initial arguments can be used to indicate a pronunciation prescript (eg, English pronunciation:). The available pronunciation codes are: Galat skrip: tidak ada modul tersebut "IPAc-en/documentation".

The first argument that is not a pronunciation code will be treated as a diaphoneme. See the collapsed table below for a full list of diaphoneme codes. As well as diaphonemes, there are some separator codes as well. For example, you can use a keyboard underscore _ for a space between words. Diaphonemes are underlined, but separators are not, and separators do not have any tooltip text.

Phoneme codes

Galat skrip: tidak ada modul tersebut "IPAc-en/documentation".

The named parameter |audio= may be used to link to an audio file.


Examples using SAMPA spelling for individual diaphonemes:

If [[unsupported input]] is displayed, it means that an unsupported input was used. Such instances are tallied at Category:Ill-formatted IPAc-en transclusions, where they can be reviewed and fixed.

Behaviour changes from {{IPA-en}}

The default behaviour has changed to no prescript.

It can be simulated (reinstated) using the flags "lang" & "pron".

  • {{IPAc-en|lang|pron|ˌ|æ|l|ə|ˈ|b|æ|m|ə}}bahasa Inggris: pengucapan: /ˌæləˈbæmə/

Audio files are specifically called: