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A rocket engine firing. A blue flame is projecting from a bell-shaped nozzle with several pipes wrapped around it. The top of the nozzle is attached to a complex collection of plumbing, with the whole assembly covered in steam and hanging from a ceiling-mounted attachment point. Various pieces of transient hardware are visible in the background.
Space Shuttle Main Engine test firing.
(The bright area at the bottom of the picture is a Mach disk.)
Negara asal  Amerika Serikat
Terbang pertama April 12, 1981 (STS-1)
Pembuat Rocketdyne
Kendaraan terkait Space Shuttle
Space Launch System
Sebelumnya HG-3
Status Inactive since STS-135
Mesin propelan cair
Propelan Liquid oxygen / Liquid hydrogen
Siklus Staged combustion
Rasio pipa 69:1 [1]
Daya dorong (hampa) 512.300 lbf (2.279 kN)[1]
Daya dorong (perm. laut) 418.000 lbf (1.860 kN)[1]
Tekanan ruang 2.994 psi (20,64 MPa)[1]
Isp (vac.) 4.523 seconds (44,36 km/s)[1]
Isp (SL) 366 seconds (3,59 km/s)[1]
Panjang 168 inches (4,3 m)
Diameter 96 inches (2,4 m)
Referensi [2][3]
Catatan Data is for RS-25D at 109% throttle.

RS-25, atau dikenal sebagai Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) atau Mesin Utama Pesawat Ulang alik, adalah sebuah mesin roket bahan bakar cair kriogenik yang digunakan pada Space Shuttle NASA dan direncanakan akan digunakan pada penggantinya, Space Launch System. Dibangun di Amerika Serikat oleh Rocketdyne, RS-25 membakar hidrogen cair cryogenic & propelan oksigen cair, dengan masing-masing mesin memproduksi 1.859 kN (418.000 lbf) daya dorong di lepas landas.

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