Henry Walter Bates

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Henry Walter Bates
Lahir(1825-02-08)8 Februari 1825
Meninggal16 Februari 1892(1892-02-16) (umur 67)
MakamEast Finchley Cemetery
Dikenal atasPerjalanan Amazon
Mimikri Batesia
Karier ilmiah
BidangMimikri, sejarah alam

Henry Walter Bates FRS FLS, FGS (Leicester. Lahir 8 Februari 1825 – London, 16 Februari 1892) adalah seorang naturalis dan petualang Inggris yang memberikan catatan ilmiah pertama mengenai mimikri pada hewan. Ia paling dikenal karena penjelajahannya ke hutan hujan Amazon bersama dengan Alfred Russel Wallace, dimulai pada tahun 1848. Wallace kembali pada tahun 1852, tetapi kehilangan koleksinya pada perjalanan pulang saat kapalnya kebakaran.

Referensi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Sebelum Bates[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Edwards W.H. 1847. Voyage up the river Amazons, including a residence at Pará. London. [the book that sparked Wallace and Bates to travel to the Amazon; scanned copy of US edition at Cornell University Library website]

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  • Bates H.W. 1892. The naturalist on the river Amazons, with a memoir of the author by Edward Clodd. [this edition, published after Bates' death, is valuable for two reasons: it is the only time since 1863 that Murray published the full text, and it includes a good short biography by Clodd]
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Mengenai Bates[sunting | sunting sumber]

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  • Woodcock G 1969. Henry Walter Bates, naturalist of the Amazons. Faber & Faber, London. [this, the only book-length biography, is by an author who was not a biologist. It gives a weak account of Bates' work on mimicry, says nothing about Müller, and remarks about Wallace are undistinguished. It is good on Bates' early life and his marriage, and on the travel aspects of the Amazon. The author dismisses Bates' later life too abruptly]

Bacaan tambahan[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Blaisdell, M. 1982. "Natural theology and nature's disguises". Journal of the History of Biology. 15: 163–189.

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