Eddie Cahill

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Eddie Cahill
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Eddie Cahill tahun 2005
LahirEdmund Patrick Cahill
15 Januari 1978 (umur 44)
New York City, New York
Suami/istriNikki Uberti (2009–sekarang)

Edmund Patrick "Eddie" Cahill (lahir 15 Januari 1978) adalah aktor asal Amerika Serikat yang dikenal untuk perannya dalam "Miracle on Ice" sebagai penjaga gawang Jim Craig dalam film Miracle dan untuk perannya sebagai karakter fiksi Tag Jones dalam Friends dan Detektif Don Flack dalam CSI: NY.[1]

Filmografi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Judul Peran Catatan
2000 The Altruists Lance Vineyard Theatre[2]
2000 Sex and the City Sean Episode 3.4 "Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl..."
2000–2001 Friends Tag Jones Episodes 7.4 "The One with Rachel's Assistant,"
7.5 "The One with the Engagement Picture,"
7.8 "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs,"
7.9 "The One with All the Candy,"
7.12 "The One Where They're Up All Night,"
7.14 "The One Where They All Turn Thirty," and
8.2 The One with the Red Sweater"
2000 Charmed sean episode 3.5 "Sight Unseen"
2000 Felicity james episodes 3.9 "James and the Giant Piece,"
3.10 "Let's Get It On" aka "Final Touches," and
3.11 "And to All a Good Night"
2001 Law & Order: SVU Tommy Dowd Episode 2.17 "Folly"
2002 Glory Days Mike Dolan All nine episodes
2002 Haunted Nicholas Trenton Episodes 1.7 "Three Hour Tour" and
1.9 "Simon Redux"
2002 Dawson's Creek Max Winter Episode 6.9 "Everything Put Together Falls Apart"
2004–present CSI: NY Det. Don Flack All 162 episodes (so far)
2004 Miracle Jim Craig Bill Ranford doubled for most of the on-ice action.[3]
2005 Lords of Dogtown Larry Gordon
2008 This Is Not a Test Robert Forte
2008 The Narrows Nicky Shades Cahill was burned when a special effect went wrong.[4]
2004 The Making of "Miracle" Himself Video short documentary[5]
2004 From Hockey to Hollywood:
Actors' Journeys
[pranala nonaktif permanen]
Himself Video short documentary[6]
2008 CSI: NY–The Game Det. Don Flack Video game (voice only)[7]

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