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VIVA Cinema
Diluncurkan Mei 1995–Juli 2003
Mei 1996–Juli 2012
(Viva Television)
Jaringan STAR TV
Pemilik Viva Television
[perusahaan bersama dengan STAR TV (1 Mei 1995–31 Juli 2003)]
Slogan Ito ang Channel Ko!
The First and the Original 24-Hour Filipino Movie Channel
Negara  Filipina
Wilayah siaran Filipina
Kantor pusat Filipina
Menggantikan Viva TV
Saluran saudara Pinoy Box Office
Viva Prime Channel
Situs web
Cignal Digital TV
Channel 46
Metro Manila
Channel 45
Cable Star Iloilo
Kota Iloilo
Channel 98

VIVA Cinema adalah sebuah stasiun televisi kabel 24 jam Filipina yang dimilik oleh Viva Entertainment. This channel was formerly a joint venture with STAR TV until July 31, 2001. Re-launch this February 1, 2009, together with the launch of Cignal Digital TV was tie-up of the launch of the said channel. It combine of previous teleseries via Viva Television, Filipino movies (including Hollywood movies) and Interviews for the upcoming movies both local and international movies.[1][pranala nonaktif] [2][pranala nonaktif] [3][4]

List of programs broadcast by Viva Cinema[sunting | sunting sumber]

For full TV Schedule on this channel, see under reference [5][6]

TV Shows[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Celebrity Real Life Stories
  • CHB: Celebrity Home Business
  • Daily Top 5
  • Habang May Buhay
  • H2K: Hating Kapatid
  • Mukha ng Buhay
  • Stop, Talk and Listen
  • Tierra Sangre
  • Zoom In
  • Kagat ng Dilim
  • Viva Drama Specials
  • Viva Love Stories
  • Dear Heart
  • Subic Bay
  • Salamin ng buhay
  • May Bukas Pa

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