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Berikut ini adalah daftar kepala negara, kepala pemerintahan, dan pemimpin negara lain menurut tahun.

Ikon dokumentasi Dokumentasi templat

This template is designed to be used with State leaders by year articles between 499 BC and the present.


{{SLBY|YYYY}} for years 1, 2, ..., present
{{SLBY|-YYY}} for years 1 BC, 2 BC, ..., 499 BC


Use {{SLBY|-20}} in List of state leaders in 20 BC.

See what links to this template for live examples.


This template will automatically add the transcluding page to the following categories

  • [[Category:YYYY]]
  • [[Category:Lists of state leaders by year]]
  • [[Category:YYYY in international relations]] (only if it exists)
  • [[Category:Xth-century rulers]] (for years before 1901)

To disable this feature (for demonstration pages) use |_nocat=true.

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