Scary Movie 5

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Scary Movie 5
Poster Film
SutradaraMalcolm D. Lee
ProduserDavid Zucker
Phil Dornfeld
PenulisPat Proft
David Zucker
PemeranAshley Tisdale
Simon Rex
Erica Ash
Molly Shannon
Heather Locklear
J.P. Manoux
Jerry O'Connell
Charlie Sheen
Lindsay Lohan
Penata musikJames L. Venable
SinematograferSteven Douglas Smith
PenyuntingSam Seig
DistributorDimension Films
The Weinstein Company
Tanggal rilis
  • 12 April 2013 (2013-04-12)
Durasi86 Menit[1]
NegaraAmerika Serikat
Anggaran$20 Juta[2]

Scary Movie 5 merupakan sebuah film Amerika Serikat yang dirilis pada tahun 2013 Film yang disutradarai oleh Malcolm D. Lee ini pemainnya antara lain oleh Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, dan masih banyak lagi. Tanggal rilisnya pada 12 April 2013.

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Soundtrack[sunting | sunting sumber]

Scary Movie 5: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Album soundtrack karya Various Artists
DirilisApril 23, 2013
GenreFilm soundtrack
LabelLakeshore Records
1."Werk Me"Hyper Crush3:50
2."Way Out Willie"Dug2:19
3."I Want Her"Blind Truth & Georgia Harris3:04
4."How You Girlz Git Down"Marcus Latief Scott3:40
5."Everybody Feel It"Hit Feeling Productions3:22
6."Electricity"John Costello1:47
7."Lakme – Flower Duet"Apollo Symphony Orchestra3:28
8."Thunder"The League4:15
9."Pimp Cup"Tarik NuClothes2:12
10."Right There"Bellringer3:35
11."Livin' Loud"D.J. FiFi3:33
12."Swan Lake (Waltz of Flowers)"Yuri Botnari2:59
13."Somewhere in This World"Pete Peterkin3:15
14."Ready for War"MicLordz & Sauce Funky3:14
Durasi total:44:34

Skor[sunting | sunting sumber]

Scary Movie 5: Original Motion Picture Score
Musik film karya James L. Venable
DirilisMay 14, 2013
LabelLakeshore Records
James L. Venable film scores
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
(2010)Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths2010
Scary Movie 5
1."Attacked, Possessed and Out to the Woods"1:31
2."Finding the Cabin and Driving Home"0:55
3."Primates Attack and Lab Intro"2:14
4."Meet the Kids, Who Is She?"2:13
5."To the Ballet"1:30
6."A Scare, a Pan and Some Hot Breath"1:32
7."Cameras Up!"1:14
8."Don’t Go in the Closet…or the Bathroom!"2:16
9."Perhaps We Should Try a Psychic"3:00
10."Dreams within Dreams"1:23
11."The Red Room"0:55
12."The Video Chat"0:33
13."Nighttime in the House"0:42
14."The Evil Book"1:36
15."Caesar and the Baby"0:47
16."A Vision, an Empty House and Great Pie"1:17
17."Don’t Mess With the Hair!"1:40
18."The Grand Finale"2:20
19."Hugs on a Cliff, You’re a Swan!"0:51
20."The Final Triumph"0:36

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