Rose Hill, Manhattan

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Rose Hill adalah nama baru untuk sebuah permukiman di borough Manhattan, New York City.[1] Rose Hill dikelilingi oleh 25th Street dan 30th Street di selatan dan utara, dan oleh Third Avenue dan Madison atau Fifth Avenue di timur dan barat. Permukiman di sekitar Rose Hill adalah Murray Hill di sebelah utara, Kips Bay di timur, Flatiron District dan Gramercy Park di selatan, dan NoMad di barat.[2] Permukiman ini merupakan bagian dari Manhattan Community Board 5 dan 6.

Lihat pula[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • NoMad – permukiman di sebelah utara dan barat Madison Square Park.
  • Kips Bay – permukiman di sebelah timur Rose Hill

Catatan kaki[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. ^ Harrison, Karen Tina (April 1, 2001). "NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: ROSE HILL; It's the Final Furlong For a Loved OTB Parlor". The New York Times. Diakses tanggal August 18, 2008. 
  2. ^ Neighborhoods in New York City do not have official status, and their boundaries are not specifically set by the city. (There are a number of Community Boards, whose boundaries are officially set, but these are fairly large and generally contain a number of neighborhoods, and the neighborhood map issued by the Department of City Planning only shows the largest ones.) Because of this, the definition of where neighborhoods begin and end is subject to a variety of forces, including the efforts of real estate concerns to promote certain areas, the use of neighborhood names in media news reports, and the everyday usage of people. The eastern boundary of NoMad, an up-and-coming neighborhood north and west of Madison Square Park, and the western boundary of Rose Hill, is thus uncertain, and proponents of both may make claim to the assets that lie in the borderlands between them.

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