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Pulau Saebus

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Pulau Saebus is an island in Kepulauan Kangean, and it administratively located in Kabupaten Sumenep, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. The nearest places to Pulau Saebus are Pulau Saur (6 km west), Pulau Bangkan (6 km north), Pulau Sasiil (7 km east), and Sapeken (9 km north). Saebus island is having magnificent sea world, with the Anemone kingdom that can be seen in sloping sea.

To reach Saebus island, it can be start from Surabaya to Madura and crossing to Kangean islands. It can also be start from Bali – Surabaya – Madura – Kangean, which can be shorten through Bali – Situbondo (East Java)- Sumenep (Madura timur) – Kangean.

There are two villages in this island, and the inhabitants are speak in Kangean, Bajo and Bugis (Sulawesi) Languange. According to the position of the island in the map, it can be seen that Saebus is located in the center part of Indonesia. Hence, it makes the diversities in language within the society in Saebus.

By having assistance from the fisherman around the island, the visitors can do snorkeling and diving in the island and enjoying the truth of this 50x20m island.

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