New England

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New England

"An appeal to heaven"
"Brother Jonathan"
Brother Jonathan
"A picture showing New England highlighted in red in a political map of the United States." "A close-up image showing all six of the New England states highlighted in red on a political map."
Statistik regional
Komposisi Bendera Connecticut Connecticut
Bendera Maine Maine
Bendera Massachusetts Massachusetts
Bendera New Hampshire New Hampshire
Bendera Rhode Island Rhode Island
Bendera Vermont Vermont
Demonim New Englander, Yankee[2]
 - Total

71,991.8 sq mi (186,458.8 km²)
 - Total

 - Density

14,444,865 (2010 est.)[3]
198.2/sq mi (87.7/km²)
Gubernur Dannel Malloy (D-CT)
Paul LePage (R-ME)
Deval Patrick (D-MA)
Maggie Hassan (D-NH)
Lincoln Chafee (D-RI)
Peter Shumlin (D-VT)
Kota terbesar Boston (pop. 617,594)
GDP $813.0 billion (2011)[4]
HDI 5.7 (1st) (2011)
Area Metropolitan Terbesar Boston-Cambridge-Quincy (pop. 4,522,858)
Autumn in New England, watercolor, Maurice Prendergast. Ca. 1910–1913
New England (merah) di Amerika Serikat

New England ('Inggris Baru') ialah sebuah bagian Amerika Serikat. Merupakan sebuah kawasan (wilayah) di bagian timur laut AS. Ada 6 negara bagian di kawasan New England, yakni Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, dan Pulau Rhode.

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