Michael Wincott

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Michael Wincott
LahirMichael Anthony Claudio Wincott
21 Januari 1958 (umur 65)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tahun aktif1976–present
Orang tuaLucia Wincott (mother)
William Wincott (father)
KeluargaJeff Wincott (brother)
Situs webwww.michaelwincott.org

Michael Anthony Claudio Wincott (lahir 21 Januari 1958) adalah aktor film dan televisi berkebangsaan Kanada. Dia adalah adik dari aktor Jeff Wincott. Dia mengawali kariernya pada tahun 1976 melalui perannya sebagai Cole Buckley dalam film Earthbound. Selanjutnya, dia juga bermain dalam film Wild Horse Hank, An American Christmas Carol, Nothing Personal, dan lain-lain. Pada tahun 2004, dia terlibat dalam proyek video game Halo 2, berperan sebagai Prophet of Truth. Masih di ranah video game, sepanjang tahun 2012, dia bermain sebagai Griffin dalam Infex, sebagai Jules Merit dalam Syndicate, dan sebagai Death dalam Darksiders II.

Filmografi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Film[sunting | sunting sumber]

Year Title Role Notes
1976 Earthbound Cole Buckley
1978 Wild Horse Hank Charlie Connors
1979 Title Shot Robber
1979 An American Christmas Carol Choir Leader
1980 Nothing Personal Peter
1981 Ticket to Heaven Gerry
Circle of Two Paul
1983 Curtains Matthew
1987 The Sicilian Cpl. Silvestro Canio
1988 Talk Radio Kent/Michael/Joe
1989 Suffering Bastards Chazz
Bloodhounds of Broadway Soupy Mike
Born on the Fourth of July veteran
1991 The Doors Paul A. Rothchild
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Guy of Gisbourne
1992 1492: Conquest of Paradise Adrián de Moxica
1993 Romeo Is Bleeding Sal
The Three Musketeers Rochefort
1994 The Crow Top Dollar
1995 Dead Man Conway Twill
Strange Days Philo Gant
Panther Tynan
1996 Basquiat Rene Ricard
1997 Alien: Resurrection Captain Frank Elgyn
Metro Michael Korda
1998 Gunshy Frankie McGregor
Hidden Agenda Larry Gleason
2000 Before Night Falls Herberto Zorilla Ochoa
2001 Red Phone: Manhunt Van Eyck
Along Came a Spider Gary Soneji
2002 The Count of Monte Cristo Armand Dorléac
Treasure Planet Scroop (voice) (Animated film, Walt Disney Company)
2004 The Assassination of Richard Nixon Julius Bicke
2007 Seraphim Falls Hayes
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Photographer
2008 What Just Happened Jeremy Brunell
A Lonely Place for Dying Anthony Greenglass
Sketches from Great Gull Narrator (voice)
2010 The Farewell He Short
2012 Hitchcock Ed Gein
2013 Grand Street Reuben
2015 The Girl from Nagasaki Goro
Forsaken Dave Turner
Knight of Cups Herb
2017 Ghost in the Shell

Televisi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Year Title Role Notes
1979 An American Christmas Carol Choir Leader (TV movie)
The Family Man Charlie (TV movie)
1979-1981 The Littlest Hobo Charlie
Episodes: "Wolf Hunt"
1981 Clown White Peter (TV movie)
1985 Night Heat Jack Tenelli Episode: "Mother's Day"
1987-1988 Crime Story Bobby Meeker Episodes: "Femme Fatale"
"The Senator, the Movie Star, and the Mob"
1988 Miami Vice Wilson Cook Episode: "Blood & Roses"
1987-1989 The Equalizer Jarrow
Episodes: "The Caper"
"High Performance"
1990 The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story Ulrich Weber (TV documentary)
1996 Strangers Arnaud Episode: "Leave"
2014 24: Live Another Day Adrian Cross appeared in all 12 episodes
2016 Westworld Old Bill Episodes: "The Original"

Video Game[sunting | sunting sumber]

Year Title Role Notes
2004 Halo 2 Prophet of Truth
2012 Infex Griffin
2012 Syndicate Jules Merit
2012 Darksiders II Death

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