Christina Rossetti

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Christina Rossetti
Christina Rosetti
Christina Rosetti
Pekerjaan Penyair, Penulis
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Kebangsaan Inggris

Christina Georgina Rossetti (lahir di London, Inggris, 5 Desember 1830 – meninggal di London, Inggris, 29 Desember 1894 pada umur 64 tahun) adalah seorang penyair dan penulis Inggris.[1]

Beberapa karyanya selama hidupnya adalah :

  1. A Birthday[2][3]
  2. Remember[2][3]
  3. When I am dead, my dearest[2]
  4. Who Has Seen the Wind?[2]
  5. In An Artist's Studio[2]
  6. A Daughter Of Eve[2]
  7. Uphill[2]
  8. What Would I Give[2]
  9. Winter: My Secret[2]
  10. Cousin Kate[2]
  11. Promises Like Pie-Crust[2]
  12. A Study (A Soul)[2]
  13. Dream Land[2]
  14. A Better Ressurection[2]
  15. No, Thank You John[2]
  16. Sleeping at last[2]
  17. Echo[2]
  18. The First Day[2]
  19. Rest[2]
  20. Fluttered Wings[2]
  21. Bride Song[2]
  22. By The Sea[2]
  23. Mirage[2]
  24. Monna Innominata: A Sonnet of Sonnets[2]
  25. An Apple-Gathering[2]
  26. From Sunset to Star Rise[2]

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