W. C. Fields

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W. C. Fields
Fields, 1938
LahirWilliam Claude Dukenfield
(1880-01-29)29 Januari 1880
Darby, Pennsylvania, Amerika Serikat
Meninggal25 Desember 1946(1946-12-25) (umur 66)
Pasadena, California, Amerika Serikat
MakamForest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California
Nama lainCharles Bogle
Otis Criblecoblis
Mahatma Kane Jeeves
PekerjaanPemeran, pelawak, juggler, penulis
Tahun aktif1898–1946
Harriet Hughes
(m. 1900⁠–⁠1946)
PasanganBessie Poole (1916–1926)
Carlotta Monti (1933–1946; kematiannya)

William Claude Dukenfield (29 Januari 1880 – 25 Desember 1946)[1] yang lebih dikenal sebagai W. C. Fields, adalah seorang pelawak, pemeran, juggler, dan penulis Amerika Serikat.[2] Pesona komika Fields masih menjadi karakter khasnya.

Referensi[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. ^ "Fields always observed his birthday on January 29, and his death certificate confirms this. ... When Fields married Harriet Veronica Hughes in San Francisco, on April 8, 1900, he was twenty years old and, under California law, could not enter into a marriage without parental consent. He therefore gave his birthdate as April 9, 1879, and often used this date thereafter. However, when he applied for a passport later that same year, he swore under oath that his correct birthdate was January 29, 1880." Curtis, James. W. C. Fields: A Biography. New York: A. Knopf, 2003, p. 525
  2. ^ Obituary Variety, January 1, 1947, p. 46.

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