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No. Judul Durasi
[lihat] [sunting] [versi terdahulu] [hapus singgahan] Ikon dokumentasi Dokumentasi templat

Penggunaan[sunting sumber]

Contoh[sunting sumber]

Examples[sunting sumber]

The Beatles (The White Album) by The Beatles[sunting sumber]

The collapsed and headline options, general songwriting credits:

Seluruh lagu diciptakan dan disusun oleh Lennon–McCartney, except where noted. 

Greatest Hits by Queen[sunting sumber]

Per-track notes and writing credits, total_length option:

1981 UK edition
No. JudulPencipta Durasi
1. "Bohemian Rhapsody" (from A Night at the Opera, 1975)Freddie Mercury 5:55
2. "Another One Bites the Dust" (from The Game, 1980)John Deacon 3:36
3. "Killer Queen" (from Sheer Heart Attack, 1974)Mercury 2:57
4. "Fat Bottomed Girls" (single version, from Jazz, 1978)Brian May 4:16
5. "Bicycle Race" (from Jazz, 1978)Mercury 3:01
6. "You're My Best Friend" (from A Night at the Opera, 1975)Deacon 2:52
7. "Don't Stop Me Now" (from Jazz, 1978)Mercury 3:29
8. "Save Me" (from The Game, 1980)May 3:48
9. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (from The Game, 1980)Mercury 2:42
10. "Somebody to Love" (from A Day at the Races, 1976)Mercury 4:56
11. "Now I'm Here" (from Sheer Heart Attack, 1974)May 4:10
12. "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy" (from A Day at the Races, 1976)Mercury 2:54
13. "Play the Game" (from The Game, 1980)Mercury 3:33
14. "Flash" (single version, from Flash Gordon, 1980)May 2:48
15. "Seven Seas of Rhye" (from Queen II, 1974)Mercury 2:47
16. "We Will Rock You" (from News of the World, 1977)May 2:01
17. "We Are the Champions" (from News of the World, 1977)Mercury 2:59
Durasi total:

Smile by L'Arc-en-Ciel[sunting sumber]

Individual per-track credits for music and lyrics, original song titles in the notes field:

No. JudulPenulis lirikPenyusun musik Durasi
1. "Kiss" (接吻 Kuchizuke)HydeKen 4:25
2. "Ready Steady Go"  HydeTetsu 3:45
3. "Lover Boy"  KenKen 4:45
4. "Feeling Fine"  HydeKen 4:17
5. "Time Goes On"  TetsuTetsu 4:44
6. "Coming Closer"  HydeKen 5:14
7. "Forever" (永遠 Eien)HydeHyde 4:39
8. "Revelation"  HydeYukihiro 3:18
9. "Living in Your Eyes" (瞳の住人 Hitomi no Jyūnin)HydeTetsu 5:55
10. "Spirit Dreams Inside -Another Dream-"  HydeHyde 3:47
11. "Ready Steady Go (Hydeless Version)" (US release only)HydeTetsu 3:47

Yeah! by Def Leppard[sunting sumber]

Using the extra_column option to denote each song's original artist.

No. JudulPenciptaOriginal artist Durasi
1. "20th Century Boy"  Marc BolanT. Rex 3:41
2. "Rock On"  David EssexDavid Essex 2:53
3. "Hanging on the Telephone"  Jack LeeThe Nerves 2:23
4. "Waterloo Sunset"  Ray DaviesThe Kinks 3:38
5. "Hell Raiser"  Mike Chapman, Nicky ChinnSweet 3:20
6. "10538 Overture"  Jeff LynneElectric Light Orchestra 4:31
7. "Street Life"  Bryan FerryRoxy Music 3:26
8. "Drive-In Saturday"  David BowieDavid Bowie 4:07
9. "Little Bit of Love"  Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff, Andy Fraser, Simon KirkeFree 2:34
10. "The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll"  Ian HunterMott the Hoople 3:28
11. "No Matter What"  Pete HamBadfinger 2:57
12. "He's Gonna Step on You Again"  John Kongos, Christos DemetriouJohn Kongos 4:05
13. "Don't Believe a Word"  Phil LynottThin Lizzy 2:19
14. "Stay with Me"  Rod Stewart, Ronnie WoodFaces 4:30