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This template is used to cite DVD liner notes and booklets in Wikipedia articles. {{Cite album-notes}} can also be used when citing CD booklets; for general information about citations in Wikipedia articles, see Wikipedia:cite sources.

A general discussion of the use of templates for adding citation of open-source web content to Wikipedia articles is available at citation templates.

Usage[sunting sumber]

All parameters[sunting sumber]

When copying all parameters, in either horizontal or vertical layout, delete those you don't need.

All parameters, horizontal layout

{{cite DVD-notes |title= |titlelink= |titleyear= |director= |format= |publisher= |location= |publisherid= |year= |language= }}

All parameters, vertical layout

{{cite DVD-notes |title= |titlelink= |titleyear= |director= |format= |publisher= |location= |publisherid= |year= |language= }}

Required parameters[sunting sumber]

  • title: Full name of film and release version
  • director: Film director, with wikilink if has an article

Optional parameters[sunting sumber]

  • titlelink: Name of film's Wikipedia article, if has an article
  • titleyear: Year of film release, do not wikilink
  • format: Source of citation: Booklet, front cover, liner, etc...
  • publisher: DVD publisher, wikilink if has article
  • location: Location of DVD publisher, do not wikilink common locations
  • publisherid: Catalog number of the DVD
  • year: Year of DVD release, do not wikilink
  • language: language of the notes; don't specify "English" as this is the default and do not wiklink

Examples[sunting sumber]

Some standard use cases
  • {{cite DVD-notes |title=Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition DVD |titlelink=Terminator 2: Judgment Day |titleyear=1991 |director=[[James Cameron]] |format=Liner notes |publisher=[[Artisan Entertainment]] |location=Hollywood, California |publisherid=FMD2402 |year=2000 }}
    Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition DVD, (1991), James Cameron, notes from: Liner notes. Artisan Entertainment, Hollywood, California:FMD2402, (2000).