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This template is used to cite DVD liner notes and booklets in Wikipedia articles. {{Cite album-notes}} can also be used when citing CD booklets; for general information about citations in Wikipedia articles, see Wikipedia:cite sources.

A general discussion of the use of templates for adding citation of open-source web content to Wikipedia articles is available at citation templates.


All parameters

When copying all parameters, in either horizontal or vertical layout, delete those you don't need.

All parameters, horizontal layout

{{cite DVD-notes |title= |titlelink= |titleyear= |director= |format= |publisher= |location= |publisherid= |year= |language= }}

All parameters, vertical layout

{{cite DVD-notes |title= |titlelink= |titleyear= |director= |format= |publisher= |location= |publisherid= |year= |language= }}

Required parameters

  • title: Full name of film and release version
  • director: Film director, with wikilink if has an article

Optional parameters

  • titlelink: Name of film's Wikipedia article, if has an article
  • titleyear: Year of film release, do not wikilink
  • format: Source of citation: Booklet, front cover, liner, etc...
  • publisher: DVD publisher, wikilink if has article
  • location: Location of DVD publisher, do not wikilink common locations
  • publisherid: Catalog number of the DVD
  • year: Year of DVD release, do not wikilink
  • language: language of the notes; don't specify "English" as this is the default and do not wiklink


Some standard use cases
  • {{cite DVD-notes |title=Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition DVD |titlelink=Terminator 2: Judgment Day |titleyear=1991 |director=[[James Cameron]] |format=Liner notes |publisher=[[Artisan Entertainment]] |location=Hollywood, California |publisherid=FMD2402 |year=2000 }}
    Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition DVD, (1991), James Cameron, notes from: Liner notes. Artisan Entertainment, Hollywood, California:FMD2402, (2000).