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Stephen Crane

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Stephen Crane
Stephen Crane
Lahir(1871-11-01)1 November 1871
Newark, New Jersey, Amerika
Meninggal5 Juni 1900(1900-06-05) (umur 28)
Badenweiler, Jerman
PekerjaanJurnalis, penulis, penyair
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Stephen Crane (1 November 1871 – 5 Juni 1900) adalah seorang penyair, jurnalis, dan penulis Amerika.[1]

Beberapa puisi karyanya antara lain:

  1. Fast rode the knight[2]
  2. Black riders came from the sea[2]
  3. And you love me[2]
  4. In the desert[2][3]
  5. Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind[2]
  6. In heaven[2]
  7. A man said to the universe[2][3]
  8. In a lonely place[2]
  9. Yes, I have a thousand tongues[2]
  10. Once there came a man[2]
  11. Three little birds in a row[2]
  12. Love walked alone[2]
  13. God lay dead in heaven[2]
  14. I looked here[2]
  15. The ocean said to me once[2]
  16. I saw a man pursuing the horizon[2]
  17. A god in wrath[2]

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