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Articles in category contain all recorded statements that may become dated. The statements may need to be updated, removed or edited for perspective. Articles containing older statements are more likely to be dated. This is not a backlog; not all articles included in this category will need updating at this point in time. See also Category:Articles containing potentially dated statements which contains potentially dated statements ordered by originating date.

Use {{As of}} to mark all individual statements that may become dated, this will automatically add them to the appropriate categories. Wherever possible, use {{Update after}} to mark exactly when statements will need updating in addition to using {{As of}}.

Agar artikel dalam kategori ini tidak terlalu panjang, sebuah saran dibuat untuk mengerjakan artikel yang dimulai dengan huruf tertentu. Huruf tersebut diubah setiap hari.

Fokus saat ini adalah pada artikel yang dimulai dengan huruf: A.

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