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Julie Hagerty

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Julie Hagerty
Hagerty tahun 2019
LahirJulie Beth Hagerty[1]
15 Juni 1955 (umur 69)
Cincinnati, Ohio, A.S.
Tahun aktif1979–sekarang
Partai politikDemokrat
Peter Burki
(m. 1986; c. 1991)

Richard Kagan
(m. 1999)
IMDB: nm0353546 Allocine: 1918 Allmovie: p29559 IBDB: 71742
Discogs: 1200109 Edit nilai pada Wikidata

Julie Beth Hagerty (lahir 15 Juni 1955) adalah aktris dan mantan model Amerika Serikat. Ia memerankan Elaine dalam film Airplane! (1980) dan Airplane II: The Sequel (1982). Ia juga tampil di A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982), Lost in America (1985), What About Bob? (1991), Freddy Got Fingered (2001), A Master Builder (2014),[2] dan Instant Family (2018).


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Tahun Judul Peran Catatan
1980 Airplane! Elaine Dickinson
1982 Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, AA Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy Dulcy Ford
1982 Airplane II: The Sequel Elaine Dickinson
1985 Lost in America Linda Howard
1985 Goodbye, New York Nancy Callaghan
1985 Bad Medicine Liz Parker
1987 Beyond Therapy Prudence
1987 Aria - Segmen: Les Boréades
Tidak masuk daftar pemain
1989 Bloodhounds of Broadway Harriet MacKyle
1989 Rude Awakening Petra Black
1990 Reversal of Fortune Alexandra Isles Tidak masuk daftar pemain
1991 What About Bob? Fay Marvin
1992 Noises Off Poppy Taylor
1995 Wife, TheThe Wife Rita
1997 U Turn Flo
1998 Mel Bonnie
1999 Held Up Gloria
1999 Story of Us, TheThe Story of Us Liza
2000 Baby Bedlam Sindi
2001 Freddy Got Fingered Julie Brody
2001 Storytelling Fern Livingston Segmen: Non-Fiction
2002 Bridget Julie
2002 Badge, TheThe Badge Sister Felicia
2003 Guy Thing, AA Guy Thing Dorothy Morse
2005 Adam & Steve Sherry
2005 Pizza Darlene
2005 Host of Trouble, AA Host of Trouble Sister Cletus Film pendek
2005 Just Friends Carol Brander
2006 Slice of 'Pizza', AA Slice of 'Pizza' Darlene Film pendek
2006 She's the Man Daphne
2006 Pope Dreams Kristina Venable
2009 Confessions of a Shopaholic Hayley
2009 2081 Hazel Bergeron Film pendek
2009 Make Up Dorris Hallens Film pendek
2013 Master Builder, AA Master Builder Aline Solness
2015 Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant Elevator Flight Attendant
2018 Instant Family Jan
2019 Marriage Story Sandra
2019 Noelle Mrs. Claus
Tahun Judul Peran Catatan
1980 Day the Women Got Even, TheThe Day the Women Got Even Lisa Harris Film TV
1987 Saturday Night Live Mother 1 episode
1987 American Playhouse Corrinna Stroller "The House of Blue Leaves"
1987 Trying Times Marsha "The Visit"
1991 Princesses Tracy Dillon Tokoh utama
1992 Lucky Luke Betty Lou "Una note di mezza estate a Daisy Town"
1995 Women of the House Jennifer Malone "You Talk Too Much", "Bad Girl"
1996 London Suite Anne Ferris Film TV
1996 Murphy Brown Dana "A Comedy of Eros", "Nobody's Perfect"
1997 Heaven Will Wait Jane Film TV
1997 Remember WENN Penelope Cominger "The First Mrs. Bloom"
1997 ER Brenda Wilkerson "Calling Dr. Hathaway"
1998 Tourist Trap Bess Piper Film TV
1998 Love Boat: The Next Wave, TheThe Love Boat: The Next Wave Carrie Brook "I Can't Get No Satisfaction"
1998 Reunited Nikki Beck Tokoh utama
1999 King of the Hill Ally (suara) "Three Coaches and a Bobby"
1999 Boys Will Be Boys Emily Clauswell Film TV
1999 Everybody Loves Raymond Charlotte "Working Girl"
1999 Jackie's Back! Pammy Dunbar Film TV
1999 Norm Show, TheThe Norm Show Wendy "Norm vs. Denby"
1999 Chicken Soup for the Soul Mom "The Giving Trees"
2002 Greg the Bunny Sandy Bender "Father and Son Reunion"
2003 Guardian, TheThe Guardian Helena Denby "The Father-Daughter Dance"
2003-2004 Malcolm in the Middle Polly Tokoh berulang
2004 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Mariel Plummer "Careless"
2004 Girlfriends Dr. Rachel Miller "Leggo My Ego", "On the Couch", "Just the Three of Us"
2007 Winner, TheThe Winner Irene Abbott Tokoh utama
2007 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Clarissa Niles "Leapin' Lizards"
2009 Cupid Liv "The Great Right Hope"
2011-2019 Family Guy Carol West / Carol Pewterschmidt (suara) Tokoh berulang
2012-2013 Happy Endings Mrs. Kerkovich "To Serb with Love", "Brothas & Sisters"
2014 Wilfred Genevieve "Loyalty", "Patterns"
2016 New Girl Nancy "What About Fred"
2017 Trial & Error Madame Rhonda Tokoh berulang
2018 Grace and Frankie Shirley "The Death Stick"
2019 Black Monday Jackie Georgina "365"


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