Edward Lear

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Edward Lear
Lukisan Edward Lear karya Wilhelm Marstrand
Lahir(1812-05-12)12 Mei 1812
Holloway, London, Inggris
Meninggal29 Januari 1888(1888-01-29) (umur 75)
Sanremo, Italia
PekerjaanPenyair, Seniman, Ilustrator, Penulis

Edward Lear (12 Mei 1812 – 29 Januari 1888) adalah seorang penyair, penulis, ilustrator, dan seniman berkebangsaan Inggris.[1]

Karya sastra[sunting | sunting sumber]

Puisi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Beberapa puisi yang ditulis selama hidupnya antara lain:

  1. Oh dear! How disgusting is life![2]
  2. The Jumblies[3]
  3. The Owl And The Pussy-Cat[2][3]
  4. The Table And The Chair[3]
  5. The Two Old Bachelors[3]
  6. There Was An Old Person Of Nice[3]
  7. How pleasant to know Mr. Lear[3]
  8. The Akond of Swat[3]
  9. The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo[3]
  10. The Dong with a Luminous Nose[3]
  11. The Pobble Who Has No Toes[3]
  12. There was a Young Lady Whose Eyes[3]
  13. There Was an Old Lady Whose Folly[3]
  14. There Was an Old Man in a Tree[3]
  15. There was an Old Man of Calcutta[3]
  16. There was an Old Man of New York[3]
  17. There was an old man of Thermopylж[3]
  18. There was an old man on the Border[3]
  19. There Was an Old Man with a Beard[3]

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