Dimitri Mitropoulos

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Dimitri Mitropoulos
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Lahir(1896-02-18)18 Februari 1896
Athena, Yunani
Meninggal2 November 1960(1960-11-02) (umur 64)
Milan, Italia
MakamPemakaman Pertama Athena
PekerjaanPianis, konduktor, komponis

Dimitri Mitropoulos (bahasa Yunani: Δημήτρης Μητρόπουλος; 1 Maret [K.J.: 18 Februari] 1896[1] – 2 November 1960), adalah seorang konduktor, pianis dan komponis asal Yunani. Ia meraih ketenaran internasional sebagai konduktor dan komponis besar pada abad ke-20.

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  1. ^ The dates 18 February 1896 and 1 March 1896 both appear in the literature. Many of Mitropoulos's early interviews and program notes gave 18 February. In his later interviews, however, the conductor said he was born on 1 March, and most American sources also show this birthdate. The reason for the different dates is that Greece was still using the Julian calendar in 1896, and did not adopt the Gregorian calendar until 1923, when Mitropulos was 27. By then, the calendars were 13 days apart, but in 1896 they were only 12 days apart. The date 18 February 1896 under the Julian calendar corresponded to 1 March 1896 in the Gregorian. The earlier sources used the original Julian calendar date, and the later sources used the equivalent Gregorian date.
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