Arthur Hugh Clough

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Arthur Hugh Clough
Arthur Hugh Clough 1860.jpg
Arthur Hugh Clough
Lahir(1819-01-01)1 Januari 1819
Liverpool, Inggris
Meninggal13 November 1861(1861-11-13) (umur 42)
Firenze, Italia
Suami/istriBlanche Mary Shore Smith

Arthur Hugh Clough (lahir di Liverpool, Inggris, 1 Januari 1819 – meninggal di Firenze, Italia, 13 November 1861 pada umur 42 tahun) adalah seorang penyair Inggris.[1]

Beberapa puisi yang ditulis selama hidupnya antara lain:

  1. All Is Well[2]
  2. There Is No God, the Wicked Sayeth[2][3]
  3. Where Lies The Land To Which The Ship Would Go[2]
  4. Say not the Struggle Naught availeth[2]
  5. In the Depths[2]
  6. The Last Decalogue[2]
  7. To Spend Uncounted Years Of Pain[2]
  8. Through a Glass Darkly[2]
  9. The Thread of Truth[2]
  10. In A London Square[2]
  11. Across the Sea Along the Shore[2]
  12. How In All Wonder...[2]
  13. Qua Cursum Ventus[2]
  14. With Whom is no Variableness, Neither Shadow of Turning[2]
  15. Ye Flags of Picadilly[2]
  16. Ah! Yet Consider it Again![2]
  17. In a Lecture Room[2]
  18. How Pleasant It Is to Have Money[2][3]

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