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Redirect[sunting sumber]

Templat:User Discord server redirects here.

Categorization[sunting sumber]

This template automatically categorizes user pages where it is transcluded into Category:Wikipedians who use Discord.

  • User pages will not be categorized if the |nocat=yes parameter is used.

To add yourself to Category:Wikipedians who use Discord without using the userbox, add this to your user page:

[[Category:Wikipedians who use Discord|{{subst:PAGENAME}}]]

Note: In keeping with the userboxes and user categories guidelines, and to avoid category pollution, this template employs <includeonly> tags and conditional code to avoid automatically including any page other than a user page into the user category. This template will only categorize user pages where it is transcluded, and will not categorize pages in any other namespace.

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