Weather Center Live

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Weather Center Live
Pembawa acaraVivian Brown
Jim Cantore
Jen Carfagno
Keith Carson
Kelly Cass
Kim Cunningham
Paul Goodloe
Kyla Grogan
Jennifer Lopez
Julie Martin
Ray Stagich
Mark Thibodeau
Alex Wallace
Nick Walker
Chris Warren
Alexandra Wilson
NegaraUnited States
Jaringan penyiarThe Weather Channel
Format visual480i (SD)
1080i (HD)
Tanggal rilis2 Maret 2009 (2009-3-2) –
Diawali olehAbrams & Bettes: Beyond the Forecast, Day Planner, Evening Edition, First Forecast, On the Radar, PM Edition, Sunrise Weather, Weekend Now, Weekend View

Weather Center Live adalah program berita cuaca yang disiarkan di The Weather Channel. Program ini diproduksi di Atlanta, Georgia.

Segmen[sunting | sunting sumber]

Saat ini[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Forbes Factor (from TWC Severe Weather Expert Dr. Greg Forbes)
  • Open Mike, (hosted by Mike Bettes from Morning Rush; new each Thursday)
  • Severe Storm/Tropical/Winter Weather Update
  • Top 5 (weekdays 7pm)
  • Weather Walking
  • Weather Wizard
  • Weekend Forecast
  • Big Picture
  • Earth At Risk
  • 7 Day forecast
  • That's Fascinating
  • The Weather Lab
  • Ask The Weather Channel (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
  • The View From Above
  • In-Front
  • Extreme Boulevard

Mantan (Maret–Juni 2009)[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Destination:
  • YourCast (later known as "Weather Wannabe", ended in August 2009)
  • Now You Know! (moved to Your Weather Today, now discontinued)
  • 6 Degrees
  • Extreme-O-Meter
  • Weather 101
  • Forecast Earth Climate Scorecard
  • Forecast Earth Eco Update (presented by Natalie Allen)

Jadwal dan presenter Weather Center Live[sunting | sunting sumber]


  • 4am-5:30am: Alexandra Wilson & Julie Martin (Mondays-Tuesdays, alt. Wednesdays); Jen Carfagno & Alex Wallace (alt. Wednesdays, Thursdays-Fridays)
  • 11am-2pm: Vivian Brown and Nick Walker (Mondays-Wednesdays); Keith Carson and Jennifer Lopez (Thursdays-Fridays)
  • 5pm-7pm: Kelly Cass and Paul Goodloe
  • 7pm-8pm: Chris Warren and Jim Cantore


  • 4:30am-7am: Ray Stagich (Saturdays); Mark Thibodeau (Sundays)
  • 7am-11am: Jen Carfagno and Alex Wallace
  • 11am-2pm: Keith Carson and Kyla Grogan

Mantan presenter[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Stephanie Abrams (2009) (left for Your Weather Today)
  • Danielle Banks (2013) (departed to be fill-in)
  • Adam Berg (2011-2012) (departed and left The Weather Channel)
  • Mike Bettes (2009) (left for Your Weather Today)
  • Kim Cunningham (2010-2013) (departed to become a fill-in)
  • Crystal Egger (2010-2013) (Left TWC, now at NBC Los Angeles KNBC-TV)
  • Mark Elliot (2013) (departed to be a fill-in)
  • Nicole Mitchell (2009-2010) (departed and left The Weather Channel in January 2011)
  • Kevin Robinson (2009) (left TWC; now at WLWT-TV)
  • Todd Santos (2012-2013) (departed and left The Weather Channel)
  • Alexandra Steele (2009-2010) (departed for CNN)
  • Heather Tesch (2012) (departed and left The Weather Channel)

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