Templat:Wikidata ID

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Usage[sunting sumber]

This template fetches an identifier property from Wikidata and formats it as a URL. Use as for example:

{{Wikidata ID|P3634|P350|qid=Q19912922}}

which returns:

RKDimages ID: 197003
ID objek The Met: 436634

If you want to hide the ID, then use:

{{Wikidata ID|P350|P3634|qid=Q19912922|showid=no}}

which returns:

ID objek The Met

Ordering is new lines by default, but you can change it to commas using:

{{Wikidata ID|P350|P3634|qid=Q19912922|separator=comma}}

which returns:

RKDimages ID: 197003, ID objek The Met: 436634