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{{{{{1}}} other||


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Usage[sunting sumber]

This is a meta-template; it should only be used within other templates. It is used for namespace detection as a simplification of {{Foo other|Example|{{Incorrect namespace|foo}}}}. If the template is transcluded in the Foo namespace, it will transclude "Example"; if not, it will transclude {{Incorrect namespace}}. Note that {{Incorrect namespace}} does not work in the template namespace.

The first parameter is necessary. It defines which namespace is the correct namespace for the template.

The second parameter is optional. It allows something (usually a category) to be transcluded in the correct namespace.

Examples[sunting sumber]

Correct namespace[sunting sumber]

{{Single namespace|Template|This text is only displayed in the Template namespace}}

This text is only displayed in the Template namespace

Incorrect namespace[sunting sumber]

{{Single namespace|Category|This text is only displayed in the Category namespace}}

Supporting templates[sunting sumber]

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