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This template creates a single third-column succession box column to be used with succession boxes.

Usage[sunting sumber]

The format is {{S-non|parameter}}, where parameter= is replaced by one or more of the parameter names shown in the following table.

reason — Designates the reason(s) for the vacancy; enter a short explanation after entering this parameter, if necessary. If next holder is simply unknown, see {{S-vac}} for specifying next known holder.

This template allows for multiple row-spans using the parameter |rows=| between the template name and the first parameter.

Example[sunting sumber]

From the Henry VII of England article:

{{S-reg | en}}
{{S-bef | before = [[George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence|George of Clarence]]}}
{{S-ttl | title = [[Earl of Richmond]] | years = 1478 – 1485}}
{{S-non | reason = Merged in the Crown}}
Bangsawan Inggris
Didahului oleh:
George of Clarence
Earl of Richmond
1478 – 1485
Merged in the Crown

See also[sunting sumber]

Documentation for creating succession boxes can be found at Templat:S-start/doc.