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This template is used for showing services which pass the station. Use after Templat:rail line (more suitable for Templat:j-route), this is for train SERVICES not train ROUTES.

Parameters[sunting sumber]

1st[sunting sumber]

Input p to show that the trains of this service doesn't stop at this station.

b[sunting sumber]

Input d to make border below the template dashed... a result of creator's disadvantage. To see what's wrong, see Talk Page.

previous[sunting sumber]

Input the name of previous station which the service stops.

next[sunting sumber]

Input the name of next station whith the service stops.

service[sunting sumber]

Input the name of the service. If you input "Local", font size automatically become normal.

f[sunting sumber]

Input b to make font size normal. Use it if the service is the slowest one at the station.

col[sunting sumber]

Input the color which can be get from 隣の駅 section on Japanese site. Unlike the Templat:rail line, it can be either HTML code (with "#" on the top of the code) or color name.

Example[sunting sumber]

{{j-railservice start}}
{{j-route|route='''L Line'''|col=#ABCDEF}}
{{end box}}
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