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Features[sunting sumber]

Geobox 2 keeps the same functionality as Geobox 1[sunting sumber]

Note: there is no need to format the input data in any way, it is now handled by the template

  • automated locator dot placement on maps, based on coordinates or X/Y values
  • automated unit conversion from metric to imperial or reverse
  • automated wikilinking

New features[sunting sumber]

  • additional fields
  • automated country and state flags
  • background maps
  • foldable list on all multiple fields
  • international categories, (e.g., World Heritage Site), eliminating the need for a second infobox on the same page

Why were these geoboxes created?[sunting sumber]

  • To provide a means for creating consistently-formatted tables and summarizing information
  • To improve navigation between articles within closely-related subjects
  • To maximize the ease of creating and upgrading infoboxes
  • To improve the ease of transferring information to other language Wikipedias by using standardized, database-like fields

See also[sunting sumber]

  • Bantuan:Infobox – from the Editor Handbook
  • History – version notes
  • Legend – instructions for each field
  • Samples – several completed examples to view for reference
  • Types – sample templates for buildings, nature protected areas, mountains, regions, settlements and water, etc.