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Usage[sunting sumber]

This template is used to display a footballer squad in a standard format. It is derived from {{Fs player}}, with additional features and changes which aim to resolve WP:ACCESS with that template.

Syntax[sunting sumber]

{{Football squad start2}}
{{Football squad player2|no=#SHIRT_NUMBER|nat=#NATIONALITY|pos=#POS_OR_ROLE|name=#PLAYER_NAME}}
{{Football squad player2|no=#SHIRT_NUMBER|nat=#NATIONALITY|pos=#POS_OR_ROLE|name=#PLAYER_NAME|other=#OTHER_RELATED_INFO}}
{{Football squad player2|no=#SHIRT_NUMBER|nat=#NATIONALITY|pos=#POS_OR_ROLE|name=#PLAYER_NAME}}
{{Football squad end2}}

Alternative template names[sunting sumber]

In order to make easier the work of writing new squads, some alternative, shorter, names has been designed. So, you may now use {{Fs start}}, {{Fs player}}, {{Fs end}} and {{Fs blank column}} as alternative templates, using the same equivalent syntax of the other ones.

Example[sunting sumber]

For example, the following code:

{{Football squad start2}}
{{Football squad player2|no=1|nat=Germany|pos=GK|name=[[Jens Lehmann]]}}
{{Football squad player2|no=3|nat=England|pos=DF|name=[[Ashley Cole]]}}
{{Football squad player2|no=14|nat=France|pos=FW|name=[[Thierry Henry]]|other=captain }}
{{Football squad player2|no=23|nat=England|pos=DF|name=[[Sol Campbell]]}}
{{Football squad player2|no=24|nat=Spain|pos=GK|name=[[Manuel Almunia]]}}
{{Football squad player2|no=26|nat=Ghana|pos=FW|name=[[Quincy Owusu-Abeyie]]|other=on loan}}
{{Football squad end2}}

Produces this table:

Dimana pemain belum menyatakan kewarganegaraannya, kewarganegaraan ditentukan oleh tempat lahir.

No. Posisi Pemain Negara
1 Kiper Jens Lehmann      Jerman
3 Bek Ashley Cole      Inggris
14 Penyerang Thierry Henry (captain)     Perancis
23 Bek Sol Campbell      Inggris
24 Kiper Manuel Almunia      Spanyol
26 Penyerang Quincy Owusu-Abeyie (on loan)     Ghana

Parameters[sunting sumber]

In {{Football squad start2}}:

By default, the note at the top of the template will always display. It can be disabled with |hidenote=yes.
Optional parameter; will display the date as typed.
Optional parameter; will add a reference to the end of the header.
Use this param to specify a custom background color for the table header. Use RRGGBB values without the # sign. Example: |bg=5d9731
Use this param to specify a custom text color for the table header. Use RRGGBB values without the # sign. Example: |color=ffffff

In {{Football squad player2}}:

The shirt number for the player, if they have one.
The player's nationality. Use the name of the country, or its 3-letter IOC country code, rather than an adjective (e.g. "Spain" instead of "Spanish"). This is usually the country of the player's birth; however, if a player has dual nationality then use the country that he represents in international football.
The position in which the player plays. You can use any of the four options below:
The player's name.
This is an optional parameter. You can add any related info to this parameter, like specifying captain, vice-captain, whether the player is on loan, etc. It will show additional info in the brackets after the player name. You do not have to specify it if neither applies.
This is an optional parameter. By default, all country names are displayed alongside their flags, per the manual of style. Where this is unnecessary (flags have been identified earlier in the article) or undesirable (for instance if one or more players come from the  Democratic Republic of the Congo), |icononly=yes will display the flag alone. When using this parameter, please ensure that the article complies with the Manual of Style on flag use.

In both {{Football squad start2}} and {{football squad player2}}:

Many clubs use squad numbers, but others do not. Adding |nonumber=yes to {{football squad start2}} will disable the number column entirely. If used, this parameter should also be added to every player's entry, as otherwise a dash will be shown.
Adding |nonat=yes to {{football squad start2}} will disable the nation column entirely. If used, nat should be omitted from every player's entry.

Microformat[sunting sumber]