Partners (album Willie Nelson)

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Album studio karya Willie Nelson
Dirilis September 1986
Genre Country
Durasi 35:11
Label Columbia
Kronologi Willie Nelson
Me and Paul
(1985)Me and Paul1985
The Promiseland
(1986)The Promiseland1986

Partners adalah album penyanyi country, Willie Nelson. Album ini dirilis pada bulan September 1986.

Daftar lagu[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. "Partners After All"
  2. "When I Dream"
  3. "Hello Love Goodbye"
  4. "Heart of Gold"
  5. "Kathleen
  6. "Something"
  7. "So Much Like My Dad"
  8. "My Own Peculiar Way"
  9. "Remember Me (When the Candlelights Are Gleaming)"
  10. "Home Away from Home"

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