Ninja Saga

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Ninja Saga
Ninja Saga.png
Pengembang Emagist Entertainment Limited
Platform Adobe Flash Player
Tanggal rilis 21 Juli 2009
Genre Permainan peran, pengelolaan karakter
Mode Permainan tunggal

Ninja Saga is an online game that can be played through social networks Facebook, MySpace and Orkut, this game was created and developed by the maker of social networking games, Emagist Entertainment Limited. Ninja Saga is an online game that players manage their ninja assigns each character to become a powerful ninja with elements having respectively. Many things in this game, like design, animation, skill and other things taken from the Naruto anime and manga series. The game was officially launched in July 2009. Players can choose Talent (Talent) when a player reaches level 40 and pass the Jounin exam. Players can choose one of four Extreme Talent ie mirror eye, eight tips, Eye Dark and deadly performance. Talent is more like Jutsu, but rather the effects of the attack. But not everything can buy talent, some are user specific emblem (surcharge) about eight limbs and eyes mirror. A is a secret level 50+ Talent (Talent additional) that can be selected by user 2, unlike the talent is unique. Free users are regular players and some of the features in Ninja Saga limited. User emblem is a player who "paid", but has more advantages than free the user

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  • Ninja Saga was first released to the public in Facebook where the elements are completely available for players. Not long after, the media to play a game of increases Ninja Saga, Saga Ninja can play in two different social networking sites Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. However, not all features found on MySpace or Facebook available on Orkut.

Features that are not on MySpace and Orkut is a function to send gifts to other players, and features invite (invitation) saga also includes the best games in facebook.anda can create a character who plays against an enemy that it is bad you can buy clothes, weapons, tactics, dll.tahapan game starts from genin (1-19), chunin (21-39), jounin (41-61), special jounin (60-80) and guardian ninja (80-100)

Usually, to obtain a Chunin, Jounin, Special Jounin ninja and guardian of the title and the players have to pass a test

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