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local p = {} 
The purpose of this file is to have a centralised place where the dates which File:Syrian,_Iraqi,_and_Lebanese_insurgencies.png (and related files) is updated can be managed, instead of having to update them in different articles. 

To update, edit the strings (the parts between quotes) underneath each function.
For maintainability of modules being used on other-language Wikipedias, you must use ISO date: YYYY-MM-DD (i.e. 2015-12-09)
The output will be a correct wordy date format (i.e. "9 Desember 2015", or "9 tháng 12 năm 2015" if you're on Vietnamese Wikipedia)

Example usage: "(as of {{#invoke:Iraq Syria map date|syriadate}})"

function frame )
	return dts("2016-11-09", frame)   -- [[commons:File:Syrian,_Iraqi,_and_Lebanese_insurgencies.png]]
function p.iraqdate( frame )
	return dts("2016-09-24", frame)   -- [[commons:File:Iraq_war_map.png]]
function p.syriadate( frame )
	return dts("2016-08-12", frame)   -- [[commons:File:Syrian_civil_war.png]]
function p.aleppo2date( frame )
	return dts("2016-11-06", frame)   -- [[commons:File:Rif Aleppo2.svg]]
function p.damascusdate( frame )
	return dts("2016-10-30", frame)   -- [[commons:File:Rif Damashq.svg]]
function p.lebanondate( frame )
	return dts("2015-10-16", frame)   -- [[commons:File:Lebanese_insurgency.png]]

function dts( d, frame )
	return frame:expandTemplate{ title="Dts", args = {d} }

return p