Laying My Burdens Down

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Laying My Burdens Down
Album studio oleh Willie Nelson
Dirilis 1970
Genre Country
Label RCA
Penilaian profesional
Kronologi Willie Nelson
Both Sides Now
Laying My Burdens Down
Willie Nelson and Family

Laying My Burdens Down adalah album penyanyi country, Willie Nelson. Album ini dirilis pada tahun 1970.

Daftar lagu[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. "Laying My Burdens Down"
  2. "How Long Have You Been There"
  3. "Senses"
  4. "I Don't Feel Anything"
  5. "I've Seen That Look on Me (A Thousand Times)"
  6. "Where Do You Stand?"
  7. "Minstrel Man"
  8. "Happiness Lives Next Door"
  9. "When We Live Again"
  10. "Follow Me Around"

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