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Yahudi Ortodoks: Perbedaan antara revisi

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Mayoritas orang Yahudi tewas selama Holocaust adalah dari golongan Ortodoks.<ref name="Stone2013">{{cite book|author=Dan Stone|title=The Holocaust, Fascism and Memory: Essays in the History of Ideas|url=http://books.google.com/books?id=N8R28To3rycC&pg=PA18|accessdate=21 May 2013|date=22 February 2013|publisher=Palgrave Macmillan|isbn=978-1-137-02952-2|page=18|quote=As Timothy Snyder points out, although Auschwitz is located in Poland, actually very few Polish or Soviet Jews were killed there, and thus the largest victim groups — religiously orthodox Jews from Eastern Europe — are excluded from the most famous symbol of the Holocaust.}}</ref> Diperkirakan bahwa sejumlah antara 50-70% dari mereka yang tewas, yaitu 3.000.000-4.200.000 jiwa.<ref name="Grobman2004">{{cite book|author=Alex Grobman|title=Battling for Souls: The Vaad Hatzala Rescue Committee In Post-holocaust Europe|url=http://books.google.com/books?id=OL4XSZjhi8kC&pg=PA23|accessdate=21 May 2013|year=2004|publisher=KTAV Publishing House, Inc.|isbn=978-0-88125-843-1|page=23|quote=An entirely accurate estimate of how many Orthodox Jews were killed is impossible, but they were clearly the majority, somewhere between 50-70 percent.}}</ref>
Pada tahun 2001, dari jumlah semua orang-orang Yahudi Ortodoks dan orang Yahudi yang berafiliasi dengan sinagoge ortodoks, sekitar 50% tergolong Anglo Yahudi (150.000), 25% Yahudi Israel (1.500.000) dan 13% adalah Amerika Yahudi (529.000).<ref name=AJRD>[http://www.jewishfederations.org/local_includes/downloads/7579.pdf American Jewish Religious Denominations] {{Webarchive|url=https://web.archive.org/web/20120118200821/http://www.jewishfederations.org/local_includes/downloads/7579.pdf |date=2012-01-18 }}, United Jewish Communities Report Series on the National Jewish Population Survey 2001-01, (Table 2, pg. 9)</ref> Di antara mereka yang berafiliasi dengan badan rumah ibadat, Yahudi Ortodoks mewakili 70% dari British Yahudi<ref>[{{Cite web |url=http://www.jpr.org.uk/downloads/Synagogue%20membership.pdf |title=Synagogue membership in the United Kingdom in 2010] |access-date=2014-02-18 |archive-date=2011-07-22 |archive-url=https://www.webcitation.org/60Mnkiz1A?url=http://www.jpr.org.uk/downloads/Synagogue%20membership.pdf |dead-url=yes }}</ref> dan 27% dari Amerika Yahudi.<ref name=AJRD/>
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