Hwang Kwanghee

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Hwang Kwang-hee
Hwang Kwanghee at Sfunz Square Super Concert, 14 September 2013.jpg
Latar belakang
Nama lahir Hwang Kwang-hee (황광희)
Lahir 25 Agustus 1988 (umur 29)
Korea Selatan
Asal Korea Selatan
Genre K-pop
Pekerjaan Penyanyi, Aktor
Tahun aktif 2010 (2010)–sekarang
Label Star Empire Entertainment (2010–sekarang)
Artis terkait ZE:A
Situs web www.ze-a.com
Hwang Kwanghee
Hangeul 황광희
Hanja 黃光熙[1]
Alih Aksara yang Disempurnakan Hwang Gwanghui
McCune–Reischauer Hwang Kwanghǔi

Hwang Kwang-hee (bahasa Korea: 황광희; lahir 25 Agustus 1988; umur 29 tahun), juga dikenal sebagai Kwanghee, adalah anggota dari boyband asal Korea Selatan ZE:A, yang memulai debutnya pada tanggal 7 Januari 2010 dengan singel Mazeltov. Hwang juga dikenal karena beberapa adegan di acara varietas.[2]

Filmography[sunting | sunting sumber]

Acara Televisi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Saluran Judul Episode Catatan
2009 Office Reality - ZE Ep. 1-6
ZE riteonjeu Ep. 1-12
2010 SBS Strong Heart Ep. 49 - 50 (1st appearance) Few appearances from 2010 till Strong Heart Ended in 2013 (Ep. 58,74,81-83,87,102,111-112,142-143,155-158)
KBS2 Star Golden Bell Ep. 297, 311 Guest
KBS2 Let's Go! Dream Team S2 Ep. 30 Cheerleaders with ZE:A
MBC MBC Star Dance Battle Guest appearances between 2010-2012
2011 MBC Every 1 Weekly Idol EP. 6 Guest with ZE:A
KBS2 Let's Go! Dream Team S2 Ep. 86, 95 Participant in Dream Team. Teamed with Min (Miss A) in Ep 86.
2012 MBC Every 1 Weekly Idol Ep. 65 Guest with ZE:A
KBS2 Invincible Youth Ep. 31
KBS2 Let's Go! Dream Team S2 Ep. 110 Participant in Dream Team.
Flowers Guest with ZE:A
Mnet Beatles Code Ep. 120827 Guest with ZE:A
SBS Star King Panel (Left the show in Apr 2015 before joining Infinite Challenge)
SBS Inkigayo MC (16th Dec 2012 to 5 April 2015)
MBC Show! Music Core Ep. 2012.09.22 & 2012.09.29 MC encyclopedia
MBC We Got Married S4 Ep. 133 - 166 Couple with Han Sunhwa (Secret)
MBC Come To Play Ep. 412 (121203) Guest with Han Sunhwa (Secret)[3]
SBS Law of the Jungle Season 1 (Namibia, Papua),

Season 2 (Vanuatu, Siberia)

Member (returned to Korea earlier due to an injury suffered during S2 in Siberia)
2013 SBS Running Man Ep. 129 Guest
KBS2 The Human Condition S1 Ep. 35 - 37 Guest Member
KBS2 Let's Go! Dream Team 2 ZE:A vs. Gag DreamTeam
Son Dambi's Beautiful Days S2 MC (S2, Ep. 7 onwards)
KBS 2TV Gag Concert Ep. 693 (Discoveries in Life) with ZE:A
KBS World Hello Counselor The second summer special with ZE:A and Lim Kim
Olive TV Party Mart MC
TVN Friends Treating You To Something MC co-host with Boom
TVN Taxi Ep. 130923 Guest with ZE:A Siwan and Hyungsik
2014 KBS2 The Return of Superman Ep. 8 with Sarang
MBC 2014 Idol Star Athletics Championships Caster, Participated with ZE:A under Team C
Mediacorp A Date with K-pop Stars Ep. 2 Guest[4]
KBS World Hello Counselor Ep. 2014.06.16 with ZE:A's Hyungsik & Dongjun
SBS Fashion King Korea Season 2 Participant with Kwak Hyun-joo
KBS World TV The King of Food Ep. 3 Guest
MBC Every 1 A Celebrity Lives in Our House Ep. 13 with ZE:A Heechul
KBS2 The Human Condition S1 Women's Special: Living without meat and flour Guest
O'live TV Kwanghee's Love Recipe Ep. 1 - 12 MC[5]
O'live TV Olive Show 2014 MC
KBS World The Lord Of The Ratings MC
JTBC In Bed With Boss Ep 1 - 3 MC[6]
SBS Law of the Jungle in Borneo: the Hunger Game S3 Ep. 100 - 102 Guest
2015 KBS 2TV Vitamin MC[7]
MBC King of Mask Singer Pilot Episode Judge
KBS World TV Beauty Bible 2015 S/S Ep. 1 - 15 MC co-host with Kang Hyoni and Jeon Hyosung
KBS World TV Beauty Bible 2015 F/W Ep. 1 - 14 MC co-host with Kang Hyoni and Jeon Hyosung
SBS Running Man Ep. 236, 272 Guest
EBSCulture The best cooking secrets Season 2015B Ep. 1 - 131 MC[8]
EBSCulture The best cooking secrets Season 2015C Ep. 1 - 109 MC[8]
MBC Radio Star Guest
MBC Infinite Challenge Ep. 419 - 424, 427 till present Cast member (joined after being selected as the 6th Man in April 2015)
KBS Joy's Go for Youth MC
KBS2 Happy Together Ep. 385 Guest
Ep. 404 (Summer Special) His 10th guest appearance (ep. 181,193,268,313,323(Obsession),340(Springtime Stamina),363(Blood Siblings) & others)
MBC Silver Green Home Is Good Yellowtail Fishing episode Guest[9]
The Mickey Mouse Club (Korea) Ep. 4 & 5
MBC The Capables One Pilot/Special Episode
JTBC Abnormal Submmit Ep. 53 Guest Representative
O'live TV Avatar Chef Ep. 1 - 12 MC co-host with Lee Hwi-jae[10]
SBS Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy Ep. 205 - 219 MC co-host with Kim Je-dong and Seo Jang-hoon
2016 EBSCulture The best cooking secrets Season 2016A Ep. 1 till present MC[8]
KBS2 The Return of Superman Ep. 120, 126 -127 Guest (Ep 120 - With Sarang, Ep 126-127 - With SoDa Siblings, along with Hyung Sik)
MBC The Capables One Ep. 18 (160311)
K-Star Reform Show Ep. 1 till present MC[11]
KBS Hello Counselor Ep. 270 (2016.04.25) Guest

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